July 07, 2010

#FairTax TV Show a Huge Hit!~Chairman Ken Hoagland

'FairTax' 1/2 hr video~ http://youtu.be/T5f-9P8kyaw ~#FairTax~most massive transfer of power from Govt 2 the People #migov #fixmi #mitcot #

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Friend of the Fairtax,

Our first ever national TV show was a huge hit!

Early numbers show that a lot of American tuned in and took notice. There were a flood of calls from keenly interested fellow citizens who had not before really understood the FairTax.

Your phone calls, e-mails, a personal communications worked!

Thank you.

Thank you, too, for helping us broadcast this first ever national show.

We'll be doing much more based on this great public response because—as you already know—when people know the details, they like the FairTax.

Our biggest challenge is not convincing people this is a good idea but convincing people that the power of political insiders can be overcome. You and I both know that we have to roll over Congress, tax lobbyists and insiders who profit richly from the corruption of the income tax code.

A lot of our fellow citizens just don't believe anymore that the Founding Father's promise of a nation, "of, by and for the people…" can be achieved anymore. It is the worst kind of cancer on our system of self-determination.

That's why it falls to us not just to tell more and more Americans about the potential of the FairTax but to be real leaders in restoring a kind of "citizen self-confidence" that makes our Constitution actually work.

Today showed us that it can be done and we took a huge step forward.

Ken Hoagland, Chairman
FairTax National Victory Campaign

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