July 30, 2010

AK- RINO Murkowski votes against Republicans, to fund Charles Rangel Center . Elect Joe Miller Pls


R. George Dunn
3:34pm Jul 30th
Murkowski votes against Republicans, to fund Charles Rangel Center
To rgeorgedunn@hotmail.com

Facebook, Inc. P.O. Box 10005, Palo Alto, CA 94303

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  1. Alaskan Cap & Trade: Cap liberal Murkowski. Trade her in for Alaska's True Conservative Choice: Joe Miller for US Senate!

    Joe Miller has been fighting for our nation as a patriot his entire life. Joe was a graduate of West Point and served our nation in the first Gulf War, where he earned a bronze star. As Alaska’s next US Senator, Joe Miller will continue to uphold the oath he’s lived by since receiving his commission as an Army officer—to uphold the Constitution of the United States.

    His experience as an attorney, US Magistrate, Superior Court Master and District Court Judge have given Joe a deep understanding of our founding principles and the timelessness of the U.S. Constitution. He will work to reverse the overreach of the Federal Government and restore power to the states—and to the people! We need a true conservative leader as Alaska’s next US Senator!

    Joe Miller is committed to being your trusted conservative voice in the US Senate by cutting spending, lowering taxes, protecting families, and restoring the Constitution to its rightful place in the life of our nation. Support a true Reagan conservative— Vote for Joe Miller, August 24th!


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