June 03, 2010

MI-Skoops Blog~"Just Cut Taxes: Heaven to Follow" |Skoop, U need to read about Fairtax

Skoop's Blog

If only it was that simple.
Cut taxes and the economy in Michigan will sprout.
For years the state and national GOP have been the one-note party
when it comes to taxes. They are not only against taxes, they think if
you cut them Michigan's record busting jobless rate would subside like
the evening tide on Lake Michigan.
Cut taxes is a nifty campaign slogan that can help the GOP win
elections, but peal back that slogan and a harsh reality stares you in
the face....
My comment:
Surely the depth we can see is much greater.  We speak to the tax cuts of the past like they were substantial.  The reality is Michigan is near the highest product producing taxing entity in the world, as is the USA.  As to cutting taxes, that is a needed reality, but the cutting of taxes for jobs is in how we tax , not how much per say.
If we cut the tax out on income, personal property and Business, we will lower the cost of manufacturing substantially and become the most attractive State in the USA to manufacture, without unique workforce of Michiganders.  If we do it at the Federal level, we will get back many of the jobs that we have lost to imports over the past 30 years due to product taxation handicap, through putting the taxes on consumption only.
It's time for those who wish to lead this dying State to put the words of healing to work and get it done.  It is time to support these words, 'Michigan and USA FairTax please!'
By the way   the big bubble of tax revenue from the stockmarket scam in which people cashed in created a huge surplus of tax in Michigan at the time Engler was leaving office.  He also created a few extra departments we did not need and still don't.  Pare back what we the people should be doing for ourselves and stop being a nanny, Michigan Government.

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