June 15, 2010

Mi FairTax Clarion Sentinel: AT RISK, YOUR FUTURE!|Which Gov Cand. will endorse to put on Ballot?

 Which of the Gubernatorial candidates for Michigan will declare their support and endorse putting the MiFairTax Plan on the ballot for the Citizens to endorse?  George

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Just as taxes were at the heart of the first American Revolution, they are a major part of the second one.  Our tax system is wasting trillions, catering to special interests, and stifling economic development.  It is projected by leading economists that the MICHIGAN FAIRTAX proposal would attract business to Michigan, create jobs, and lay the foundation for a national FairTax bill which could truly reestablish individual financial freedom and revive our national economy.
Your interest and participation putting the MICHIGAN FAIRTAX on the ballot could not come at a better time!  A business friendly tax system should be simple to understand and execute, transparent with no hidden agendas so people can know how much government is costing, and fairly applied to all citizens without increasing the cost of basic necessities.  Our third President, Thomas Jefferson said,
"I think it an object of great importance...to simplify our system of finance... We might hope to see the finances of the Union as clear and intelligible as a merchant's books, so that every member of Congress, and every man of any mind in the Union, should be able to comprehend them, to investigate them, and consequently to control them."
The federal FairTax (HR-25) and the MI FairTax does all of these things.  Your help educating the public and our elected officials about the true provisions of these reform bills would be most appreciated..
FairTax Friday:
"The FairTax is the biggest most massive transfer of power from the government to the people in the history of this country since the Declaration of Independence".

 Why the FairTax Prebate?    *Economist's who have studied FairTax legislation, agree that a FairTax, adopted by any governmental unit, would result in a growing economy.
Some economists predict a growth rate of 10% the first year. Economists also predict a sustained growth rate in succeeding years. The Michigan FairTax proposal provides our best hope for escaping the economic "perfect storm" which has engulfed Michigan in fiscal chaos.
MI FairTax, the solution that provides Michigan a bright future!

           Eliminate the buying and selling of tax favors.
           The cancer which is destroying our state government.

           Guarantee citizens a larger share of their earnings.
           By Working, By Saving, By Investing.

           Remove hidden taxes from goods and services.
Create Jobs in Michigan, a magnet for business growth.
           Protect everyone from taxation on necessities.
Untax everyone's consumption up to poverty level.

           Onlinetaxrevolt.com  276,725 and growing!
           Our goal 1 million.  Join Today!
ABC estimates 2 million people demonstrated in Washington on April 15th 2010. 2 million Americans peacefully asking their government for redress of grievance and the mainstream media do not cover the event????? Want proof? Well check out the pictures from that day, the proof that such an event took place! Washington DC April 15th 2010. We are in a war, a war of non-information, disinformation, skewed-information and lack of information. "We the People" must join with the folks who came to Washington to take back our government. There were 275,000 more that day in Washington as part of the ONLINETAXREVOLT, and still our elected leaders have trouble hearing. Don't forget the FairTax Webinar: The Positive Impact The FairTax Will Have On Charitable Giving. Thursday June 24, 2010  8 - 8:45pm In your home, on your Personal Computer. To participate, preregister at: charitable giving.
The FairTax will not lie down until we are heard! Put July 4th 2010,1:30PM, Fox Business Network on your calendar. A red white and blue letter day when a program outlining the advantages of a FairTax will be on national television. Why will it be there? Because the national FairTax and people like you and me have contributed and bought the broadcast time. Take time to know the FairTax, the Michigan FairTax is a proposal for the common good!

Donald S. "Doby" Dobrosky Sr. Editor in Chief!
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Art Laffer!

FairTax in Congress!

July 4th 2010 FairTax!

Did You Know?
Every Michigan family would take home more of their earned income under a FairTax.
That's correct, bigger paychecks for everyone! The FairTax represents more disposable income for each and every Michigan citizen.  The Michigan FairTax, a good deal for all of us, because a Michigan FairTax is built on ideas which harken back to our founding fathers. Liberty, Justice and Equality.
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Could it really be? Could a proposed piece of legislation at both the state and national level really be about something that benefits all Americans? Well there is one proposal crafted by economists not politicians, economists whose sole goal was to answer the question: Why are the U.S. state and national economies dying?  The positive effects of this legislation dwarfs anything suggested in the last 233 years of our republic. When people hear the benefits they say: "Yeah, but it will never happen"! What does that mean? Does it mean we refuse to demand our leaders defend our rights under the constitution? The FairTax is a goody bag of benefits for all Americans, jobs, more money, less government intrusion in our lives, smaller government, more accountable government, more responsive government, the list goes on and on. TO GOOD TO BE TRUE? The answer to that one lies in you the reader of this article. It will not happen without your help and commitment. No government can stand against an aroused constituency, there are more of us than there are of them!

Michigan FairTax Association | PO Box 703 | Sterling Heights | MI | 48311

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