May 19, 2010


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MI FAIRTAX CLARION SENTINEL official newsletter vol. 6
MI FairTax, the solution that provides Michigan a bright future!

           Eliminate the buying and selling of tax favors.
           The cancer which is destroying our state government.

           Guarantee citizens a larger share of their earnings.
           By Working, By Saving, By Investing.

           Remove hidden taxes from goods and services.
Create Jobs in Michigan, a magnet for business growth.
           Protect everyone from taxation on necessities.
Untax everyone's consumption up to their poverty level.

           ONLINETAXREVOLT.COM 272,400 and counting.
           Still Growing, Check it out!

Abraham LincolnAbraham Lincoln:
I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crises. The great point is to bring them the real facts.

 Why the FairTax Prebate? 
*A FairTax cannot be implemented in Michigan without a vote of the people. A FairTax cannot be increased in Michigan without a vote of the people

Why is this so? Because the Michigan Constitution limits the Sales Tax and cannot be increased without a vote of the people. The FairTax returns the power of taxation to the people of Michigan and repeals existing taxes. Is it any wonder that many of Michigan's elected representatives do not wish to lose their power to levy and adjust the way we are taxed? We have an option, a choice, will we demand action?

A MI FairTax will only be implemented when Michigan citizens demand it!
Roger Buchholtz: President of Michigan FairTax:
Would you be happy to learn that under a Michigan FairTax you would be paying only 2.5% rather than the current 10% of your income, and that you would be more likely to retain your job?  It is a fact, that because of many untaxed expenditures, and the prebate, the effective MI FairTax rate would be reduced to 2.5% for a family of four earning a median family income in Michigan of $50,000. This means without exception that only 2.5% of a median families income would be going to pay Michigan taxes. A MI FairTax means repeal of the 4.35% state income tax and the current 6% sales tax. The MI FairTax rate is 9.75% on all goods and services, a rate which is modified by the prebate. Gone is the regressive invisible income tax which hides in the price of everything we buy, gone are the Michigan income tax compliance costs. Under a MI FairTax everyone pays their state tax at the checkout counter when they purchase a new item. People react in  many different ways.  Many upon hearing that the FairTax proposal places a 10% tax on everything they buy, including food and medicine, recoil saying, "That is too high'!, they do not realize that today's taxation is a hidden burden.  Most people do not have time to research the MI FairTax proposal, no time to immersed themselves in the subjects of economics and taxation. The Michigan FairTax, a proposal for the common good, a proposal that guarantees 21st Century prosperity in Michigan, a proposal that brings equality and justice to the Michigan tax system. The MI FairTax a proposal whose time has come.

The question begs an explanation. Our Michigan business community has yet to rise up en mass supporting the Michigan FairTax, and yet every Michigan business from the smallest to the largest stands to benefit in ways they never imagined. Let's take a look at business scenarios created by MI FairTax adoption on a state level. No Michigan business would be subject to the Michigan Business Tax, under a MI FairTax the MBT is eliminated. No Michigan business would pay personal property tax on their productive property each year, under the MI FairTax this tax is eliminated. Under the Michigan FairTax, no business in Michigan would be required to maintain tax records and calculate state withholding for any employee, the Michigan Income Tax and its record keeping become a thing of the past. Since there is no Michigan Income Tax, business's can use their accountants, lawyers and payroll accountants to improve the efficiency of their business instead of working for the government. Further savings would come through the elimination of the state 6 mill education  tax, a thing of the past under a MI FairTax. To top this all off, every Michigan business that acts as a supplier is going to experience a like drop in their costs of operation. Does price competition result in a lower cost for many of the supplies any business buys? This savings is not predictable, but an economic model would project further savings. How about the fact that only the business's that sell to the final consumer would collect and remit the Michigan FairTax. The current Michigan 6 percent sales tax eliminated, and is replaced by the 9.75 percent MI FairTax rate. One simple calculation, your retail sales volume times 9.75 percent, report and pay! That simple, that transparent! What businessperson, would not like to do business in a state where the tax structure was business friendly? A state that did not tax the tools of production and inventiveness? A state where your business could compete free of government tax interference. Michigan can be that state, but we must install a FairTax. The Michigan FairTax invites you on board because it represents your self interest to do so. The Michigan FairTax, a business friendly proposal that brings jobs and prosperity back to Michigan.
Donald S. "Doby" Dobrosky Sr.
Editor in Chief Michigan FairTax Clarion Sentinel
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Did You Know?
A VAT tax is indeed a Very Awful Tax. The primary  issue being the Government wishes to layer a VAT tax on top of all the taxes we now pay. They posture and refer to the VAT as a consumption tax, true, but that is where any similarity to a consumption based FairTax ends. The FairTax eliminates federal income and payroll taxes replacing the revenue with a simple retail sales tax. Washington politicians want to enslave us with a second layer of a Very Awful Tax, a tax they call value added. Passage of a Very Awful Tax means Americans are authorizing Washington to raise taxes at will, because the VAT will be hidden in the same manner taxes are hidden under the income tax. The Washington elite are rubbing their hands together as they contemplate a second way to raise taxes at will, and have the public believe it is inflation that is driving up the cost off goods and services. The truth is People Pay Taxes. Is it inflation that has caused price increases since 1945, or is it hidden income tax costs that cripple our household budgets? It is impossible to measure how much income taxes have driven up the cost of goods and services since the Second World War. A Very Awful Tax placed on top of our current system would represent double taxation. We need to recognize that a VAT does not promote equality and justice, and does not represent the best interest of the American people. A Very Awful Tax fills the pockets of Washington politicians with the funds to pursue further damage to our freedoms.

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