April 28, 2010

U.S. News & World report Letter to the editor: Flat tax is a Shadow of continued Darkness

The proposed Flat Tax pushed by Gingrich, Forbes, and other politicians who have conservative Nationalist desires, is merely an saving of the current tax structure to further propel the power to which is in the Congress giving and taking of property by means of taxation or lobbyist favor of waivers.
President Reagan gave us a flat tax at the time of opening up our borders to free trade with the world.  This flat tax has been amended over 1,200 times by congress and has grown our tax federally, as well as add to the now open corruption of Congress. 
The flat tax also does nothing to remove the burden on domestic production which our current tax system, created while under closed USA border trade.  By keeping the current tax system and calling it flat does not change our demise of manufacturing loss from our tax structure.  We must mind a way that treats imports and domestic product equally tax wise. FairTax will do this and so speaking of the flat tax must be viewed from the realization of how it is much less plan then the FairTax, the flat tax is.
R. George Dunn
6693 Maple Ridge Rd.
Alger, MI  48610

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