April 11, 2010

Our Money-We fought King George over 2% in Taxes~David L. Clink

What's a Trillion dollars looks like?? I tell people it's $100. bills stacked 2 pallets high & covers a entire football field.

 A $100. bill is NOT one hundred  dollars in U.S. Lawful money. It is a document to get $100. dollars.  It is a bill of lading ( a purchase order ).

"No state shall . . . coin money, . . . or make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts . . ." (Article I, section 10). To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures; - U.S. Constitution.

  A real dollar is a unit of measurement divided into a oz. of gold.  From 1792-1935 it was $22.50 an oz. The U.S. Gov. recalled the gold in 1933 and raised it in 1935 to $35. an oz. Robbing wealth from the people in the worse year of the Depression. Raised again in the 60's to $42. oz. Last raised in 1986 to $50 oz. when the mint started making $50 1 oz. Gold Eagle coins . The gold USA owns in Ft. Knox & West  Pt & New York Fed. is valued at $50 oz. This is the reason you can't use a U.S. Postal money order outside the U.S. 

  Every bill  from 1862-1950's tells the truth and says " will pay to the bearer on demand " ( Silver & Gold Certificates &  National Bank & United States Notes & Federal Reserve Notes ) and  FR NOTES say " is redeemable in Lawful money at the U.S. Treasury or Federal Reserve Bank."

  If you had a $1 Million lottery ticket but never cashed it in, would you have to pay taxes on it ?

To get a 1 oz. $ 50. Eagle coin today takes over $1,100. in Federal Reverse Notes. This value of this notes has a ratio of less than 5 cents on the dollar to Lawful Money. Nice to know we are paying 25-35% taxes on the Whole dollar worth 5 cents. We are all Patriots ! 

 How did this happen ? Government spending and borrowing money from the Federal Reserve, paying interest to the Fed. all this years has ate 95% of its value.

The Federal Reserve is not part of the U.S. Government.  U.S. Rep. Ron Paul wants the Federal Reserve to be audited. ( S. 604  of 2009 )  Why?  Because they have NEVER paid a CENT in TAXES EVER !!  Is It time to ask the IRS to go after the Federal Reserve !  Will Washington, D.C. ever get this ? GOD BLESS the USA ! 


  David L. Clink  


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