April 08, 2010

[mikehuckabee-190]Tom Tancredo~ Open Border Murder in Arizona..& more lies from Washington!


Team America PAC

Dear Friend,

I am so outraged. How many years have we been demanding that Washington secure the border? How many years have my friends in Arizona been begging their government to protect their families and property from the foreign invasion coming across our southern border? Now a friend, an Arizona rancher, has paid with his life for our government's total disregard for the lives of Americans on the front lines of our immigration battle.
Last weekend I was in Arizona to do some fundraising for Jesse Kelly, one of Team America's top congressional races, (he is as good as Bay reports, by the way, an outstanding young man) and to speak to another Tea Party rally. 


Saturday night I planned on meeting with the local ranchers, many of whom have become good friends over the years. I wanted to get a first hand account of what was really happening on the border. Homeland Security's Janet Napolitano tells us that security is "imperfect but adequate" and that "there is no spill-over" of the violence in Mexico. She can tell that to the Krentz family. 


One rancher, Rob Krentz, didn't make the meeting--that same morning he was murdered, probably executed, on his ranch by an illegal alien. Rob was out with his dog working on the ranch when he came across an illegal alien--he never so much as reached for any of the guns in his all terrain vehicle--no confrontation, no altercation. He was just shot to death. Authorities tracked the sole gunner's path from the crime scene back to the border. 


Rob was a highly respected member of the community, and was known to give illegals, whom he found on his family's 35,000 acre ranch, food and water when they were in need. Why kill him? His brother and friends believe it was retribution.The day before the murder, Rob's brother had come across a number of illegals. He was able to detain eight of them along with their cargo--240 pounds of drugs--and turn them over to the Border Patrol.It's believed that one of the drug runners came back and killed Rob for his family's interference into their criminal activities. 


The Krentz ranch has been in the family since 1907 and for over 15 years they have begged their government for protection. All they get is lies--deliberate lies from Homeland Security and the President that their border is secure. The government claims that we now have miles of fencing along the border south of the Krentz ranch--but it is only a vehicle fence!! 


This sector of the border is packed with lucrative drug and human smuggling routes and Mexican drug cartels are fighting a bloody war to keep or get control of them.And Obama and his sidekick have the audacity to tell us our border is safe! 


From a hidden video camera put on a lone route, we can see hundreds of illegals make their way into the U.S. every day! (See it for yourself on Team America's website). Last year, Border Patrol agents made more than 241,000 arrests in the sector of the border south of the Krentz ranch and, according to a local law enforcement officer, 20% of these illegals have criminal records in our country! Imagine what that number would be if we had access to the criminal records of their home countries!


We are giving known criminals free access into our country--and these violent thugs are getting bolder and bolder--killing those who stand in their way. 


And still all we get from Washington is lies!! 


The governors of Arizona and New Mexico are now calling for beefed-up security and for the National Guard to patrol the border. Even Senator JohnMcCain has joined the chorus. But none of these people will fight for it; none of them ever listened to the cries of the ranchers and the other Americans on the front lines of the border battle. 


Obama's White House response to the governors and McCain was: "We'll continue to monitor" the situation. Who are they joking? Americans are being targeted and murdered by illegals, and all they have to say is they are going to monitor the situation!


Friend, I am angry.  Our open borders create such a grave and imminent threat to this nation--far more so than it did when we began our effort a dozen years ago. I can't stand by, let my friends get murdered on their property, and do nothing. 


I will be a voice, louder and bolder than ever before, for the Krentz family and other ranchers, and for all Americans paying the huge financial and tragic human price for uncontrolled, massive illegal immigration. On television, on radio and as I travel across this country, I am going to raise this issue all over again. 


And with Bay Buchanan's help we are going to find the candidates whom we can trust to stop this outrage--who are committed to fighting every day they are in Washington to secure our borders, enforce our laws and take this country back piece by piece from those who are selling us out. 


We don't have long--the lies coming from Washington are part of a great design. Obama, with the help of open border Republicans, want America to believe we're secure, so they can sell their plan to deal with the 15 to 30 million illegals in the country. That, my friend, is AMNESTY!


We have such a battle ahead of us.  Please spread the word, stay engaged and help us in any way that you can to send patriots to Congress so we can stop this madness and save this nation! 


Thanks you for all you do.  God Bless You and God Bless America!

Sincerely yours,
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Tom Tancredo



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I am so outraged. How many years have we been demanding that Washington secure the border? How many years have my friends in Arizona been begging their government to protect their families and property from the foreign invasion

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