April 05, 2010

Flat Tax or National Sales Tax~Dan Mitchell |my comment

Dan Mitchell

 Dan Mitchell

Flat Tax or National Sales Tax?

Please go to the above link and read Mr. Mitchell's article and come back to my comment below:
my comment:
Agreed the VAT is the worst thing that could happen to the USA.  If the FairTax is implemented, it will eliminate the IRS and as you know the FairTax act has a 6 or 7 year moratorium on the fairtax structure, that it will be void if the 16th Amendment is not repealed Constitutionally. 
Remember, under President Reagan we were promised a flat tax and it has been amended 1,200 times since.  By leaving the tax structure the same, you do not eliminate the same old graft in DC causing congressman beholding to lobbyists who can fill their family treasury upon retirement from the campaign funds.  Absolutely astounding that we allow this corruption.
Also President Reagan gave us free trade, moving from a closed board to open boarder.  While under closed border, the production tax was the cheapest and easiest way to collect Federal Taxes.  All States were equally burdened in the manufacturing.cost built into product.  With free trade in place those same taxes in the production cost of product remain to this day.  The USA is handicapped with a 22%+ penalty in competing with imports.  That has brought us to this point of fiscal collapse and ripe for One World Governance to take our Constitution away.  We need to level the playing field with Free trade and demand equal taxation on all product, the FairTax plan.

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