March 27, 2010

Randy Davis~ "The Need for Character"

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Here is a very wise and profound message from my good friend Randy
Davis. He has a ministry where he travels around to different churches
and gives a gospel message which he draws in chalk that comes alive
with special lighting. If you live in the Midwest and some of the
connecting states, you don't want to miss seeing and hearing him
present the message GOD has given him. To see some of his amazing work,
check out his website at the bottom of this note. You'll be glad you
did. And by the way, if you are ever looking for a Wonderful ministry
to give financially to, don't hesitate to give to Randy and his family.
They make their living from freewill offerings at the meetings they
hold around the country.


"The Need for Character"
Randy Davis

One thing that initially drew me to Governor Huckabee was his
character. The word "character" has an old-fashioned sound to it, like
a faded relic of the Victorian era. We live in a materialistic culture
where popularity, prestige and prosperity are valued more than genuine
integrity. In fact, in the political world personal character hardly
seems to matter much at all.

Only a select few moral qualities are still prized by society at
large. As I'm sure we are all aware, they are chiefly liberal
community values such as diversity,tolerance, and broad-mindedness. (If
there is such a word) But when traits like those are blended with
hypocrisy or employed to justify some other iniquity, they become mere
caricatures of authentic virtue.

Meanwhile, genuine individual virtue, the stuff of which true and
timeless character is made, has been relegated to the sphere of
"personal things" best not talked about openly. As we recall from the
Clinton years, many proclaimed that even an elected national leader's
personal character was supposed to be treated wholly as a private

As a result, our society's most prominent celebrities include people
who actually are best known for their huge character flaws. It's as
though virtue and infamy have traded places. Honest character is now
often viewed as totally optional- or worse, hopelessly unfashionable.

Of course, we are all capable of hypocrisy at some level. We are not
spiritually affluent. We are not fundamentally good. (At least I'm not
) We are not in any way spiritually self-sufficient. Genuine character
starts with that realization. It's a hard and humbling truth to face

Even though I see Governor Huckabee as a man of character and
integrity, I realize he has flaws and weaknesses like all of us, and at
times, we may be reminded of them. As mentioned earlier, we all may
have a tendency to hold him to a higher standard at times than we even
do ourselves.

One quality I see in the Governor that is unique for someone in the
political world is "meekness." Meekness is not weakness. It is not
some spineless kind of timidity. It is the "strength under control"
that is needed in our culture. Meekness is where humility and
self-control meet. It is one of the most indispensable aspects of truly
Christ like character. It's the one quality most necessary to tame an
out- of -control ego. As arrogance gives way to meekness, it is the
cure for countless ills that often hinder the quest for character.

Genuine character is all about who we really are inside. It's not about
what we look like to others. Character is not a façade or a veneer.
"Mercy" is vital to godly character. Jesus said we should extend mercy
even to our enemies. In other words, mercy colors God's dealings even
with those who hate him, and if our character is going to reflect His,
we must be merciful even to those who mistreat us.

I believe the Governor honestly and openly lives out his Christianity,
realizing that he will never be able to please all the various groups
and denominations that would identify themselves as being followers of
Christ. Since he knows one can never please everyone at all times, he
probably does not even try. I think it is fine to voice concerns and
criticisms of the Governor in a forum such as this, as long as we do
not fail to pray for him at the same time. (Keeping with the facts is
also helpful)

As a Christian involved in the political issues of the day, I must
constantly remind myself that the Lord did not come as a political
deliverer or social reformer. He did not rally supporters in some
spectacular attempt to "capture the culture" for morality or greater
political and religious freedom. Instead, His divine calling was to
rescue the lost. To devote all of our time ,energy, and money thinking
we can put a facade of morality on the world or the appearance of
"righteousness" over our government in general is to badly
misunderstand our primary roles as Christians in a spiritually lost
world. It is a tightrope to walk on. I just wish I had Governor
Huckabee's sense of balance.

Randy Davis


  1. Modernity in elite opinion, attempts to replace the ethic of self-control with that of self-expression.

    The traditional understanding of politics was that its goal was to improve the character of its citizens. The American republic was, as we know, founded on a different understanding- that of taking human nature pretty much as it was and hoping that personal liberty could survive political action if ambition were made to counteract ambition.

    I agree with Reverend Davis in his "The Need for Character" and that is why I have launched The Character Building Project and welcome insights from others.

  2. Countering one Action with another requires reason. Common Law is it's measure. Keeping Freedom demands Respect of Truth Eternal.

    You have a link to the Character building Project?


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