March 20, 2010

Forbes-'Misinformed Teaparty Movement |Misinformed? Who is misinforming who?

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The Misinformed Tea Party Movement

Bruce Bartlett, 03.19.10, 12:01 AM EDT

For an antitax group, they don't know much about taxes.

On March 16 the Tea Party crowd showed up for yet another demonstration on Capitol Hill in Washington. Curious about the factual knowledge these people have regarding the issues they are protesting, my friend David Frum enlisted some interns to interview as many Tea Partyers as possible on a couple of basic questions. They got 57 responses--a pretty good-sized sample from a crowd that numbered between 300 and 500 people. (Survey results are here.)

The first question that was asked concerned the size of government. Tea Partyers were asked how much the federal government gets in taxes as a percentage of the gross domestic product. According to Congressional Budget Office data, acceptable answers would be 6.4%, which is the percentage for federal income taxes; 12.7%, which would be for both income taxes and Social Security payroll taxes; or 14.8%, which would represent all federal taxes as a share of GDP in 2009....full article here

my comment:
Misinformed?  Who is misinforming who?
The new populism of the 21st century has a tool that the 'We the People' have not had till now and it is transparency and instant communication from home to home from sea to shining sea and the ability to speak as one and in unison as one.  We now have the internet. 
Mr. Bartlett, your statement of what the Teaparty Patriots consider as taxation by the federal government and your description of it, shows that you sir are either very shallow in knowledge or are very afraid of the truth.  The taxes paid by Americans is only 10% of the Federal Tax revenue.  The rest is hidden taxation in product and services in America, except for import products that are void of most federal tax.
The Teaparty movement is embracing the FairTax plan and your fight against it is very telling as to your loyalty and greed to continue with the failing system we have.  You know that if we embrace the Forbes flat Tax proposal, we will continue with the same corrupt lobby bribery of Congress, the same growing potential for nationalism to expand the Federal Government take over of Statehood from the 50 States. 
Tell us, how can you support the current tax structure with all the evidence of what has happened since Ronald Reagan gave us Free trade? Constitutional Conduct and FairTax please.

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