March 23, 2010

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MI FAIRTAX CLARION SENTINEL official newsletter vol. 2
MI FairTax, the solution that provides Michigan a bright future!

           Eliminate the buying and selling of tax favors.
           The cancer which is destroying our state government.

           Guarantee citizens a larger share of their earnings.
           By Working, By Saving, By Investing.

           Remove hidden taxes from goods and services.
Create Jobs in Michigan, a magnet for business growth.
           Protect everyone from taxation on necessities.
Untax everyone's consumption up to their poverty level.
 Why the FairTax Prebate? 

*The Michigan FairTax changes the method of state tax collection. The method itself is as important as the level of tax we raise relative to the economic impact on jobs. This single change would provide the economic stimulus that returns jobs and growth to our state.


The Michigan FairTax Proposal is designed to be revenue neutral. To be more specific, a Michigan FairTax when implemented would bring in the same amount of state revenue as the taxes we replace while capping the growth of govenment.  It has a much broader base with greater revenue stability!



The FairTax "Online Tax Revolt" has begun:
American's all across our country are joining in an electronic march to let our elected representatives in Washington know we will not accept the status quo on taxes.  I just looked and the number marching were in excess of 199,120 and growing minute by minute. Here is what we have been waiting for, the opportunity to join with others to make our voices heard. We can come together, and we can affect change.
Go to, and join in the FairTax march on Washington. Be a 2010 FairTax Patriot, your country will thank you for it!
General Douglas Macarthur:  General Douglas McArthur
There is a force in the United States that would destroy her, it is the income tax, but there is not the political will to change it.
On April 2, 2009 the Detroit News headline exclaimed,
  Eight-year population exodus staggers state."
Reporters French and Wilkinson ferreted out some shocking facts, "Since 2001, migration has cost Michigan 465,000 people, the equivalent of the combined populations of Grand Rapids, Warren and Sterling Heights-- the state's second-,third-, and fourth-largest cities." A local demographer understood, "These numbers -- my God, it's like a perfect storm-- the education, the income, the young people, everything is going in the wrong direction.
The "sea change" - ignored by Michigan's lawmakers! Michigan's perfect storm has been in the making for years.  Throughout those years, Michigan's legislators continually chose to shift the existing tax burden (business as usual), rather than make hard decisions about budget-cutting. They passed the Michigan Business Tax, selling it to the gullible public as a "tax on business." This strategy preserved a tax code for them to play with, in order that they could continue to "cut deals" for businesses they want to be here (like that media darling, the movie industry) - despite the fact that this practice increases the tax burden on existing taxpayers.
When they can, businesses cope with the MBT by passing their costs on to you and me in higher prices. When they can't, they move out of the state, or go out of business. The rate at which Michigan businesses are not coping is alarming.  That same Detroit News article reveals the result of years of Lansing's avoidance to make the hard budget decisions, "The state loses a family every 12 minutes, and the families who are leaving -- young, well-educated, high-income earners -- are the people the state desperately needs to rebuild."
WHO will navigate Michigan to safe, prosperous waters?
Our current political leadership in Lansing has an unyielding attitude when it comes to tax simplification, and making Michigan more attractive to business. With the help of legislative leaders, Gov. Granholm intends to place a proposal on the November 2010 ballot to make the Michigan income tax more progressive, using the same deceptive (and divisive) rhetoric of "soak the rich," and "tax business."

Despite failed initiatives to engineer the economy, Michigan's current political leadership continues to place their faith in their own ability to pick winners and losers. They maintain this power as long as there is an income tax code that powers the buying and selling of tax favors to special interests (at our expense). The Michigan FairTax Association believes we - the People of Michigan - must take hold of the "ship of State," to relieve our government of the tools of mischief that have enabled them - and the special interests - to distort and destroy our economy. A Michigan FairTax will pay for government when we spend our money, not when we earn it.  It will do away with the income tax code, so coveted by our elected representatives, and put an end to their manipulation of economic behavior by both businesses and individuals.  It will end the wasteful, and costly, slavery of keeping receipts and filing income tax returns -- needlessly subjecting us to audits, interest, and penalties -- all in order to prove that we're entitled to keep what we earn!

Imagine! We, the people, have the power to move Michigan away from the income tax system where politicians and lobbyists have a consumption tax - where power is restored to individuals, as our Founding Fathers intended.  Enacting the Michigan FairTax will turn Michigan into a safe harbor of security and prosperity for businesses, jobs and families.  Once accomplished, Michigan will become a lighthouse to the country.

Editor in Chief:
Donald S.'Doby' Dobrosky, Sr.
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Did You Know?

Many lobbyist would lose their jobs if a FairTax was adopted? Would that not be justice?
400 lobbyists on the bread line instead of 400,000 Michigan workers. When your representative refuses to acknowledge your request to place a FairTax on the agenda, remember who is supporting his next campaign. Lobby interests do not want a FairTax, they would be out of business

Current Events!

March 29th Romeo
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March 30 Durand
Tax Reform Town Hall

March 31 Victor Twsp
Tax Reform Town Hall
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No Time to Waste!
The Michigan Fairtax Clarion sounds a bugle call to action!
The Michigan FairTax needs ambassadors. When people understand the Michigan FairTax proposal they become passionate about it.
Passionate people will contact their representatives in Lansing, and it is their action which builds support for the Michigan FairTax.  Become a FairTax Patriot, bring justice and equality back to our tax system. Help us bring prosperity back to Michigan. We will welcome your help, commitment, and leadership...

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The Michigan FairTax changes the method of state tax collection. The method itself is as important as the level of tax we raise relative to the economic impact on jobs. This single change would provide the economic stimulus that returns jobs and growth to our state.

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