March 17, 2010

@10th- Professor Natelson, 'We, the Teaparty, want our Constitution back'

University of Montana Professor of Law Rob Natelson does a 10 minute video on exploring the Constitution as it is written and how it is being applied today.  I have taken some thoughts of his down and adlibbed part of his statement, within context. Please go to the video here and come back to my comments below:
my comment:
The Professor states,there are five Clauses that have taken us to where we are today, five clauses that are being used unconstitutionally.
1. Tax Clause, Article 1 Section 8 Clause : is suppose to limit federal spending, not give cart blanc
2. Commerce clause, Article 1 section 8 clause 3: Works in tandem with the next clause
3.  Article 1 section 8 last clause:The necessary and proper clause in which regulating trade with foreign entities and trade between the States has become a control over everything, from Land to Air, environmental, via the commerce clause, meant to only referee trade, not control it to even one's garden produce and use.
The next two clauses pertain to the ownership of Land.
4. Article 1 section 8 next to last clause: The enclave clause allows Federal Government to own DC and small tracts of land by State authorization, for a post office or Court House, not the ownership of huge tracts of land and claim to mineral rights in every State, including offshore State Property.
5.  Article Four: Property Clause. Presently the Federal Government owns 25% of the land in the USA. Under the Property Clause, the Federal Government was suppose to dispose of any land it held in some way, by trust or whoever.  What has happened , the Federal Government has held land and assumed control over it, though the property clause forbids it.
The whole purpose of the written Constitution was to restrain the Federal Government.  By ignoring it, the Federal Government has encroached onto State Sovereignty under the Constitution. You end up with the system we fought the revolutionary war to repel, get rid of, where a parliament rules, dictates to the States and each subject, the citizen. (Suddenly we see that the Sheriff now is Dictator over each State, the States.
We need to become a part of the Tenth Amendment movement, the teaparty and insist on Constitutional Conduct. The best way to enforce the Constitution onto the Federal Government is by the States crafting Amendments to the Constitution without the Congress help and enact them by the 37 States being a majority. 
The Founders knew the value of Law and crafted the Constitution from the lessons of other to become the longest Constitution to ever exist, and still today, leaving the USA, not the most free people, but among the freest.  If we don't shed the Federal Social programs, and add Healthcare, we will destroy the Union that has gave the American Citizen the longest run of liberty and Freedom on Earth.

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