February 01, 2010

Dow Spokesman Eric Kosmider~Dow & Alstom..looking at..ways to use[carbon] stored gas

Dow Chemical gets an assist from West Virginia company in coal-burning technology

By Stacey Henson

April 04, 2009, 12:38PM
A project in West Virginia may demonstrate the future of coal-fired plants in the Great Lakes Bay Region.

Midland-based Dow Chemical Co. is partnering with Alstom, a company based near Paris, to design and construct a plant that captures carbon dioxide from the flue gas of the coal-burning South Charleston plant.

The process, called carbon capture and sequestration, cools carbon dioxide to a near-liquid form. Workers then inject it into porous rock thousands of feet underground.

Carbon dioxide is a so-called greenhouse gas that scientists worldwide say is contributing to climate change.

Along with the Dow and Alstom research, other companies are looking at storage issues and the ways to use the stored gas, Dow spokesman Eric Kosmider said.

For example, regions in Texas are using the method to get more oil out of the ground.

The pilot plant will begin operating in the third quarter.

The technology that evolves from the pilot eventually could apply to plants such as Consumers Energy's proposed $2 billion generator at Karn-Weadock on the Saginaw Bay in Essexville and a $1.3 billion facility LS Power Group of East Brunswick wants to build near Midland... full article here


Being as we are finding out that carbon is not the enemy of the planet, the use of carbon can be greatly enhanced:  food storage, hardening tools, greenhouse growth source, etc..


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