February 28, 2010

The DC Dance is on w/ GOP accepting reconciliation of a Resolution not yet Law

Senator Menendez thinks Bill not yet Law can be reconciled http://bit.ly/b9vJW9
Senator Alexander Claims if reconciled, will repeal http://bit.ly/dh79l6 | RINO
This Dance of the GOP caving to the Dems on reconciliation of HCR is what has moved this Nation toward this World Governance Tower of Babel
This Dance of GOP caving to Dems on reconciliation of HCR=DC Shadow pulling RINO Strings
Remember how the GOP gave us Federal Education and MedicareD under Bush43? Before, under the Democrat Congress, we had the GOP acting like they apposed the Democrat agenda, but when the GOP took over Congress they did not act on anything?  Ever wonder why?  The above dance on the Healthcare Resolution (HCR) is a fine example of the DC Power I call the Shadow back to it's tyrannical ways. 
 Ever wonder why the GOP will not and does not embrace the Constitution?

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