February 05, 2010

CMU Defies MI Law & Can Mi Law stop unconstitutional Federal spending

Can MCRI be restricted by federal spending in Michigan?

According to the 1968 Civil Rights Act, in order for an diversity to be promoted over another employee is if they test equal and a diversity distribution is needed. 
The advantage of all diverse groups is they have precedent to training if offered and diversity is needed.  By thus improving self, they become promotable.
The Michigan Law is a direct result of the abuse of the Civil Rights act and thus a corrective measure to bring into line discrimination in reverse order.
Central Michigan University is demonstrating the arrogance of Bureaucratic Statute and why it is said the best Government is the local Government.  Common Law comes to mind.
Michigan Law is the Law of Michigan.  If Central Michigan wishes to dis-obey the Law, their University permit will be pulled and a State inquiry to replace the Political structure taken.
Now why is it we see so much unlawful conduct by our Government?  Could it be we are violating the Constitution Nationally at will?  All those social programs set up there can be State operated and owned by the People to avoid theft and by obeying the Law we can preserve the foundation of our Society, Trust and Honor.
A tax structure to turn the Michigan employment crisis around is written Law and waiting for the vote of we the people.  The good ole boy system does not like it as it takes away the cronyism in Lansing, so the Legislatures walk around saying they like Michigan FairTax, but it will never be approved.  Thus you see a prime example of the Teaparty Movement.
History books are full of those pivotal moments, with heroes etched in stone.  They are the Leaders who did not bow to the Government Evil, but stood up as the Man from LaMoncha righting the unrightable wrong. 
Federal Funds for Education are Unconstitutional to give and receive.

Make the Federal Government go by the Constitution and keep our hard earned money here in Michigan to save to go to college and to have a job to obtain when Graduated. rgd

FairTax and Constitutional Conduct please.

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