January 18, 2010

St Dist#55 Temperance Town Hall Forum~"MI Tax Reform Town Hall" - Attend, Speak Up For The FairTax!


Michigan FairTax Association
Truth in Taxation

Atten:  FairTaxers in
55th MI House District & surrounds

(Leaders, state-wide, are receiving this notification)

January 18, 2010
Dear R George,  

Thursday evening, a public forum will be held for residents in, and around, Michigan's 55th House District.

- - - - - - - - - -

Speak Up for the MI FairTax - Temperance Town Hall Forum!

This Thursday - Jan. 21, 2010  (6:30 p - 9:00 p)
Learn and Spread The Word!

"Reforming the Michigan Tax Structure:
Putting Michigan Back to Work."

Monroe County Library, Bedford Branch (Community Room) (map)
8575 Jackman Rd, Temperance, MI 48182  (734) 847-6747

This is a public forum. Options to be discussed include,
  • "holding the line,"
  • a $6.5 Billion tax increase, some selected tax increases,
  • and the proposed Michigan FairTax.
The tax structure is greatly in need of a total revamping, but the Legislature has kicked the can down the road year-after-year with short term "fixes." This discussion dialogue forum will give citizens of MI's 55th Congressional District the chance to express their opinions about what approach to tax reform makes the most sense.

Rick Olson, Moderator, is running for State Representative in the 55th District. To RSVP and get more information, contact:

Rick Olson  olson48176@comcast.net  (734) 944-0794
- or -
Dennis Grysen  grysen56@yahoo.com  (734) 385-6781

Opinions expressed by forum presenters may not necessarily represent the views of the Wastenaw County GOP Executive Committee, hosting this event.  MFTA seeks to educate the public about the non-partisan Michigan FairTax plan (pdf) and the benefits of taxing consumption instead of income.  The progressive Michigan FairTax will untax all family spending to the poverty level, then increase - as an effective rate - as retail spending increases thereabove.  When enacted, it will remove business taxes and compliance costs from retail prices, and will make Michigan THE growth destination in America for business, jobs, and families. 
MI FairTaxers in District 55, and surrounds, are encouraged to attend this Town Hall Forum with a neighbor, and help educate fellow citizens on aspects of the MI FairTax as they relate to the Town Hall discussion, and questions raised by members of the audience.

- - - - - - - - - -

Michigan is in deep economic trouble.  And an economic recovery gets more difficult with every family and business that leaves our state. (Hundreds of thousands have already left, over the last eight years, and the exodus continues).

You've been reading about various plans to revise the MBT, an income tax on business, in an attempt to draw businesses - and jobs! - back to Michigan. What is not generally revealed is that taxing the income and payrolls of business, at all, is a hidden tax to you and me in higher prices! That's right, we are paying for business's tax costs when we purchase goods and services produced here.

There is only one plan that scraps the MBT, three other business taxes, and the personal income tax entirely!

The Michigan FairTax.

This is a citizen-initiated plan designed to stop punishing productivity (such as when a business hires new workers, or adds new equipment, or when we, as individuals, work longer hours) and rewards savings (by not taxing income on savings and investments).

As well as providing the solution to Michigan's current economic "perfect storm," enacting a consumption-based tax system means NO more income tax returns under threat of audit, interest, and penalty. Additionally, MI FairTax ends government "taking theirs first" through wage tax withholding.

Instead, the state will send every legal resident family a monthly check, or electronic funds transfer, equal to 9.75% x monthly poverty-level dollar amount (based on family size) to un-tax basic necessities. Thus, no one will even start paying a MI FairTax until purchases exceed basic necessities.

And it does all of this-- without a tax code, without politicans determining who gets what, and without lobbyists tilting the advantage to wealthy corporations or politically-powerful special interests. With no income tax code to game, half the lobbyists in Lansing will need to look for new work!
Got family, friends, or associates who know nothing about this?  Bring them along!

Pass this along to others whom you think would like to learn about the only true income tax replacement plan for Michigan - a jobs and families magnet!
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Yours in the cause,
Daar Fisher, State Internal Communication Director (Volunteer)
Michigan FairTax Association

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