January 23, 2010

Question of State Liberty in State of Michigan, one of 50 Nations in the USA.

Came across & tweeted the first tweet and saw FairTax on the Ballot.  Went to the link and found a question of Liberty being asked under State Sovereignty of the Citizens.  Interesting.  See my comment below:

@MichiganRadio: 2008 Revisited: Michigan legislators tinker with voter-approved laws http://bit.ly/5ilfNW | FairTax Approved! #migop #mitcot

@MichiganRadio: .. Mi leg. tinker w/voter-approved laws |Opps, I jumped the gun. Thought MI Leg. put tax structures on ballot. Plz #migop

2008 Revisited

(Associated Press) - Michigan lawmakers are exploring possible ways to change measures related to stem cell research and the medical use of marijuana that voters approved in 2008.

Legislators, mostly conservative Republicans, say the measures need clarification to ensure proper oversight.

Lawmakers are struggling to find the fine line between better defining voter-approved measures that are vague or pose enforcement problems and upholding the people's will.

Nearly 53 percent of Michigan voters approved loosening restrictions on stem cell research. About 63 percent voted in favor of allowing the use of marijuana for medical purposes with a doctor's approval.
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My comment:

That question is everywhere. Now property owners cannot smoke tobacco on their own property. We are forced to pay for how many car insurance agents, fining the poor with this ridiculous SOS fee by Gov. Granholm. Did anyone approve that? If so, ...whew.

Michiganders are not servants to be baby sat. We need our freedom under State Law too. Contemplate how to deal with abuse rather then use. If you want to regulate, try liquor. My, how the world turns.

Let the people of Michigan have their choice of socialism or the FairTax? Put the fiscal plans on the ballot and let the people decide.

Liberty is our call to Arms and it is our right to choose. What is fiscally & restrictively now,  is killing us, chasing jobs overseas. We can do better~


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