January 22, 2010

Looking at the Teapartys' Path ~& Scott Brown: Oops, another RINO heads to Washington

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Scott Brown: Oops, another RINO heads to Washington

January 22, 4:45 PMSioux Falls Conservative ExaminerLori Stacey

He sounded too good to be true.  It sounded like a good old boy Conservative driving a pickup truck actually had a chance to go to the US Senate.  But when the shock wore off of his win, in this decade of voting machines that have been demonstrated to flip election results on a dime, I immediately began to get suspicious of how he could have been allowed to win.  I mean how Conservative or Independent could he really be?...

We did not even have to wait for all the ballots to be counted before seeing a couple of his news conferences and realize that another RINO was elected and on his way to Washington.  That explains it all.  First we were treated to his news conference with his good friend, John Kerry?  Then an extended news conference with questions from the press broadcast on CSPAN where we learned that he believes the nation should have a government healthcare plan similar to his State of Massachusetts except with improvements???  If Republicans, Independents and Third Party voters were counting on him to block Socialized medicine for America in the US Senate, you have been officially duped by Scott Brown and the political machine behind the curtain. 

I would much rather have sent our  "blue dog" Democrat Representative in South Dakota, Stephanie Herseth Sandlin to the US Senate.  I now believe...full story here

my comment:
Lori, your frustration has been around a long time. What is different about the Brown win is the new needed change in a long time. We the People are waking up to the principles of the Constitution, thus the Constitution Party. But we also know that even with a wakeup, it is but a few of the many. The Revolution was fought by 1/10 of the Citizens as it was a voluntary Army of Patriots, much like you have today in the Cyberspace Civil War.

After the teaparty wakeup and the Rally of millions in DC, we came upon what to do next. We found the need to make sure a Patriot is on every Primary ballot as A GOP. Why that and not the Constitution Party? The residue effect of the GOP will complete the 1/10 of Patriots in the battle. Better to clean & fill the barn you have then to try and build anew.
So we look up and find the primary for Massachusetts on 1/19/10, looked at the candidates and the result if we won or lost, that being the ending of Alinksy Governance in healthcare, cap&trade, both stopped by Brown. Although being the RINOs are pushing back, becareful the likes of Newt and McConnell don't try to slip a smaller step of incrementalism of their Nationalist agenda, the story of the past 100 years.
The DC Shadow controlling both parties in a dance with each other to fulfill nationalism had gotten good till of late. Bush43 did us a favor on 9/12/2008, opening our eyes by covering up the Federal Reserve's failure to show their books to the International Banking Committee, to who every nation but the USA did and by B.A.S.E.L. Law was to be expelled from the International Bank.

As we were late for Browns campaign and could have persuaded Joe to run in the primary, he may have won.  The supporters in MA were teapartiers. So let's get moving and get our primary election positions having a Patriot to choose from.  Thus we can look on this page at greenpapers to find the primary dates which reveals a Senate race in Illinois and a US Representative race in Fl Dist 19, both with RINO and Patriot candidates.
Illinois has Patrick Hughes up against Mr. Kirk, who is a liberal in GOP clothing, worse then a RINO.  Patrick is solid conservative and Constitutional of character. Patrick is also endorsed by the Tea Party Nation and many on Twitter.  Here is his web: http://www.patrickhughesforsenate.com/
In Florida we have two Patriots against an appearing RINO.  Joe Budd is the elder of the two conservatives, looking to be a generation ahead in developing for the Quest of the other Patriot Curt Price.  Go here to the South Florida 9-12 page to see:  http://southflorida912.org/elections/us-congress/congress-19/?pid=1013&header=yes
Our task is to get Patriots on the primary ballot in all positions to take back the GOP to the Constitutional Law and to adopt the FairTax.  Independence Caucus has centered on one task, to measure the Constitutional Character of a candidate and to endorse the one they find Constitutionally the Best.  go to: http://ourcaucus.com to learn more.
If you find that your local choice of candidates lacks a Patriot, run yourself.  If too many do so, hold a Caucus to elect one to be represented on the primary ballot.  Only then can we take back the GOP.  There is a nation group also working on the delegate approach. You can find it at http://www.teapartynation.com/
 The Michigan Teaparty 'Lansing' has produced an action plan for a State and it is here:  http://lansingmiteaparty.wordpress.com/2010/01/22/take-michigan-back/
Lots to do to save this Nation.  We cannot rest until after November 2010 election.
Sanctity of Life, Constitutional Conduct and FairTax please,

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