January 06, 2010

Liberty's Ring is not the sound of a Bell! It's the selfless act of a Patriot~James A. Hodges

In 1774, the George Washington, acting as a county official, did his duty owed to God rather than men, and helped pass a resolution putting the King and parliament on notice that the lesser government of Fairfax, Virginia was more than willing to defend the Christian Liberties of the British subjects of its county, against the arbitrary power of rouge civil magistrates of the highest level.

In 1774, Fairfax County issued a resolution charging that "Resolved that this Colony and Dominion of Virginia cannot be considered as a conquered Country; and if it was, that the presents Inhabitants are the Descendants not of the Conquered, but of the Conquerors." - George Washington Esquire Chairman.

It is also quite interesting to see that further down in the 1774 Fairfax County Resolution, that the county government took the opportunity to end the importation of slaves, and declared its "earnest wishes to see an entire stop for ever put to such a wicked, cruel, and unnatural trade."

In our age, where the President and Congress are on the eve of undermining their respective federal authority with a raw display of the arbitrary use of power in the area of national health care, cap and trade, and vote buying scams of U.S. Senator's votes for special tax dispensation for their respective states, and violating the "general welfare" spirit of the U.S. Constitution, in the finniest tradition of tyrants down the ages. From Roman Emperors to British Kings to socialist dictators like Adolf Hitler and Stalin. We should make practical application of the words written on the Liberty Bell taken right out of Leviticus 25:10, and "Proclaim Liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof" including the unborn. I think it's also called, "never waste a crisis" by the pro-death forces.

Fifteen months after the Fairfax County issued its resolution on April 19th, 1775, Pastor Jonas Clark stood next to widow of a slain militiaman on the Green at Lexington and reminded the world that the Ring of Liberty is not the sound of a bell, but selfless act of a patriot, when he declared that this man had "Driven a death nail into the coffin of Tyranny which will ring into Eternity." What's the point in paying county and state taxes, it will not ring Liberty?

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