January 03, 2010

Congressman Buchanan demands opening past secret Congressional meetings on Health Care, Stimulus, all

Buchanan: If Sunshine is good enough for Florida, it's good enough for Congress

Vern Buchanan says in 24 hours he's got more than 100 bipartisan co-sponsors on a bill that would open congressional health care talks to the public.

The Sarasota Republican cited coverage by the New York Times on a "disturbing pattern of House leadership skirting open access by allowing small groups of conference committee members to meet privately," as well as reports by ABC News that the $1 trillion stimulus bill was passed only after "closed-door negotiations.

"The State of Florida leads the nation with one of the toughest right-to-know laws in the country," Buchanan said. "Florida's strong Sunshine Law guards against back-room deals and secret negotiations by government officials. It's time for Congress to follow Florida's lead and ensure that any conference committee meeting on health care reform be conducted in the light of day and under full public view."

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