January 13, 2010

AP-Michigan group: Slash business taxes, expand sales tax |my comment- MIFairTax

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Michigan group: Slash business taxes, expand sales tax

By The Associated Press

January 13, 2010, 7:50PM
A group of Michigan business executives said Wednesday it's encouraging lawmakers to begin looking at restructuring taxes and improving the state's business climate this year. Business Leaders for Michigan would like to slice the state's main business tax roughly in half. The lost money would be replaced by extending the state sales tax to a host of services, while dropping... Full story »

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Posted by RGeorgeDunn
January 13, 2010, 8:37PM

This is old news. This is the liberal attempt to preserve the income tax on we Michiganders.  Why cut only half the MBT?  If 50% brings jobs, what will 100% do? 

FairTax also has a prebate program, along with elimination of income tax.  With the Liberal proposal of reducing sales tax to 5.5%, the poor of this State will be hit hard.  Also, the poor will have to pay for the 50% MBT, as all tax on business is passed to consumers, all!

The businessmen here are very correct in the need to act now.  We truly don't want to wait.  If our tax revenue dropped 20% now, what will a double dip recession drop it to, prolonging Michigan's decade recession and presenting a fiscal crisis being as the current legislature is burying their head in the sand and passed on near 2 Billion deficit to 2012.  That is probably a bit of an optimistic number too. 

By simply agreeing to put the MIFairTAx on the ballot will create such a flush of business coming to Michigan to prepare to produce for the Nation after this fiscal nightmare ends.  Should the National Fair Tax Act be implemented, possibly due to the leadership of Michigan blazing the way with MiFairTax, our manufacturing will produce another problem, shortage of employees.  What a problem to have.

Constitution & FairTax please


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