December 21, 2009

U. S. Senate special election in Massachusetts~give back filibuster to GOP

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Folks, YOU CAN help from where you are anywhere in America.
Let's give them a hand. SPREAD this to ALL Lists, in ALL States FAST!

Get the word out.
United States Senate special election in Massachusetts
Subject: Massachusetts Members!
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PHONE BANK 4 Special ELECTION to fill Ted Kennedy's seat in Senate

We have been given the unique opportunity to change the senate. There
is a special election on Jan 19th for Kennedy's old seat in
Massachusetts. It will probably be a low turnout, so if we can get out
the Republican vote, we can win.

The magic number in the senate is 41 to block cloture. The Republicans
only have 40. If we win this seat, then we change the dynamics of the

Bottom Line-WE NEED SEAT 41 on JAN 19th

There is something you can do TODAY.

Scott Brown is the Republican candidate.

Contact Brad ( Field Manager) at or call
509-595-4683 TODAY!! He will get you connected into their phone bank
by sending you a website, user ID and password. Take a small tutorial
and start making phone calls from home. They need over a half million
calls made before Jan 19th. If we all make a few calls every night, we
can help get a win. And we are set up to get out the vote on Jan 19th
just like we did in NJ and Virginia. We also gain experience for 2010.

WE NEED SEAT 41 on JAN 19th. We all ask the Republicans to filibuster;
well this seat gives them the ability to finally filibuster. And this
vote could be the deciding vote to block final passage of this
healthcare bill.

Give back the filibuster to the Republicans. Start calling today and
make a difference.


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