December 27, 2009

Tweets~12/26/2009 Big Tent*Patriots can Win proof*GOP Mantra*Good Behavior of Courts

GOP tent is big enough for everyone, but the sign above entry reads, "Fundamental Constitution rules here, all welcome"
@huckbloggers:NL: Independence Caucus vetting fiscally responsible candidates in Colorado #icaucus #mob #teaparty #ocra
Proof American Patriots can Win 2010~see how they won in Utah-2008 #icaucus #dems, join cause #p2
GOP Mantra~"I must stand w/anybody that stands right, stand with him while he is right & part with him when he goes wrong"~Abraham Lincoln
@DCofStaff,Federalist78,A. Hamilton:Judicial lifetime appointment of good fundamental interpretation of law
If the Cows were content 2 break into winter hay rather then walk the lane to green grass~what will we do when no one will work, hey Alinsky
It is oligarchy for Court Justices' to change intent of Law as originally imposed. We have Amend.~Art 5 to do so, not 9 men

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