December 04, 2009

R. George Dunn's Counter to the Romney 10 point plan letter to Pres. Obama

Governor Romney has presented a ten point plan to cure our fiscal mess.  Here is my response to this article here in USA Today: 

my comment:

Gov. Romney,  You are echoing the last recovery plan that did not sustain us.  Certainly War is very expensive, but so is what you are failing to consider.

When President Reagan gave us Free Trade, we had in place a closed system production tax set up by convenience.  Now, domestic manufacturing is handicapped with at least 22% federal tax expense built into the cost of product, while imports evade out Federal taxation.  If we would but adopt the Brilliantly planned FairTax our problem will be how much to cut taxes because of all the jobs it would create, expanding spending through the roof.

You also have made suggestions that do not pass  Constitutional Conduct.  States are quite able to expand infra-structure  when we can afford it.  It is time to reign in this Big Government monster that is indebting our children's children.  Who is going to pay the piper when the piper stops playing?  Chili reminds one of the word hyper.

What is the difference between a Conservative Nationalist and a Conservative Federalist?  What is a moderate, a Nationalist or a Federalist? Maybe it is time to find out.  The far right is large and this left is small.  Wake up Shadow or get out of town.

Government made jobs are not sustainable.  Get the Federal Government out of States' business and let us prosper by changing the tax structure.  WE have 23 days till the first of the year.  Greatness comes from greatness done.

George Dunn

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  1. In response to Mitt's 10-point plan to ruin America, I have made my rebuttal 10-point plan:

    The president's economists insist that technically, the recession is over. But double-digit unemployment was neither prevented nor has it ended. To get people back to work as rapidly as possible and to restore America's economic vitality, the nation must change course. Here's the advice I would give to President Obama:

    • Don't listen to Mitt Romney.

    • Rein in the Cult of Free Trade: Free Trade isn't free, we're paying for it with our future. Impose wage-differential import tariffs to level the playing field. American workers can't compete with Third World wages.

    • Increase income taxes on the wealthy - by at least $2 trillion per year. Use this money to eliminate deficit spending, and pay down the Republicans' national debt.

    • Carbon tax - consider one. Oh, and have I mentioned not listening to Mitt Romney?

    • Eliminate anti-Union laws. Breaking the Unions was the first step in shipping our economy overseas.

    • Nationalize health care under a German-style single-payer model. We can't afford to be spending three times more for health care than we would be under any sane health care system, just to provide degenerate insurance executhieves with a lifestyle to which they believe themselves entitled - and funds for their ongoing bribery campaign, buying favorable legislation from the worthless corporate whores in Congress.

    • New spending should be strictly limited to items that are beneficial to the American people, rather than corporate interests and Republican campaign contributors.

    • Roll back the regulation of our financial system to what it was before 1980: reinstate the Depression era laws which would have prevented the meltdown we recently experienced.

    • Impose protectionist laws designed to retain and rebuild the American economy. If the US Government is not protecting American interests and the American economy, it isn't really **our** government, is it? And, see step 2 (above). I can't remember, but have I mentioned not listening to Mitt Romney?

    • Exclude the private sector from fields of critical social and/or strategic importance (such as education and health care, for example).

    The 10% unemployment crisis hangs like an albatross around the Republicans' neck: If you follow the advice of the people responsible for creating this disaster, the economy will never improve and American jobs will continue to be lost. In order to most rapidly re-employ all Americans and to speed a strong recovery, the President must ignore the ideas of the people that got us here. If he does not, the Republicans will have accomplished their goal of destroying this country - it really won't matter who wins the next, or any subsequent, election.


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