December 14, 2009

(MI FairTax) Fw: [Golden] Fw: Michigan Leading The Way


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Mike Huckabee - and ardent supporter of the national FairTax Act ( was in Grand Rapids, last month, and our Michigan FairTax leaders had a chance to make some introductions and have Mike say a few words about the Michigan FairTax:   [www_youtube_com]
In addition to making Michigan, essentially, a "tax-free zone" for business (thus, the No. 1 destination in the country for businesses to locate), enacting the Michigan FairTax will serve to:
  • Return ownership of the family purse, to the family.
  • End wage withholding from paychecks (Lansing now "takes theirs first," forcing individuals to file income tax returns under threat of audit, interest and penalties; every earner is a prospective walking "tax deficiency"!)
  • Pay for gov't in the process of blessing our families with a new purchase ("new, at retail" - not "used").
  • Reduce points of collection 90% (no non-business-owning wage-earner should ever have interact with a state tax agent)
  • Scrap the income tax code (with no Code to game, half the lobbyists in Lansing go away)
  • End the power to manipulate the behavior of individuals and business (utilizing income tax code "carrots" benefitting the few at cost to the many)
  • Make our true tax load transparent (end business income & payroll taxes, the costs of which are hidden in higher prices to us!)
  • Stop the "divide and distract" power that comes with tax favor-making (FairTax unites us to redirect focus on gov't spending)
Additionally, passage will constitutionally-assure uniform revenue-sharing to local units of government, assisting their efforts to be fiscally responsible.

Help us get the message out about the Michigan FairTax.  Send an email to - and give us a date that you'd like to host an Introductory Presentation (we'll follow up with you to pin down particulars).  Join our "10 bucks a month" club.  Take action - it will happen only if we act!

If we intend on "taking our country back," let's start with our state . . . by virtue of first, taking back our paychecks (and ending gov'ts claim to our personal - and our businesses' - income)!

Daar Fisher
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Huck PAC Newsletter

If you had a chance to stop President Obama' and the liberal Democrats in Congress' rapid expansion of the federal government would you want to help?   If you could stop the raid on our children and grandchildren's future by these spend and tax Democrats, would you get involved?

Would you take that extraordinary step and serve as a volunteer in the organization dedicated to electing conservative Republicans nationwide? It might mean an hour or two a month of your time, or a few phone calls to voters in states where our help might make a difference. Is the threat of two more years of Obama's policies without the firewall of a stronger Republican Congress enough for you to volunteer some of your time?

I hope so. In fact I am counting on it. That is why I am sending YOU this email today.

In Michigan we have started a grassroots organization that is growing daily. In fact, 157 Michiganders have already signed up and are organizing into teams across the state. They have held events, online meetings and are laying the foundation for a statewide effort to support strong conservatives in the fall.

I hope you will be a part of it.

To learn more about Team Huck Michigan visit their online headquarters here.

To follow Team Huck Michigan on Twitter head here.

And finally, to become a fan of Team Huck Michigan on Facebook please sign up here.

Too much is at stake next fall for conservatives to sit on the sidelines. Please join our Michigan team today.

With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee

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Mike Huckabee - and ardent supporter of the national FairTax Act ( was in Grand Rapids, last month, and our Michigan FairTax leaders had a chance to make some introductions and have Mike say a few words about the Michigan FairTax:  

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