December 06, 2009

Conservative/Liberal Nationalists verses Federalists for Control of D.C.

FairTax has become a huge faction and their support can be the difference.  To say I would support the first candidate who supports fairtax, would most likely be someone of the character we need.  It is not being a single issue plank, it is being a single issue caucus getting big enough to demand respect, support.  It's a horse race even for the Federalists.
I asked this of the old media today after Fox News panel showed bias by twisting truth on Huckabee, caught read handed by Pinkerton and prompted these two tweets:
MILLER,FNC: found it interesting (Nationalist-)conservative media harder on Huckabee than liberal media #palin tcot ff
Being FoxNews is Conservative Nationalist, any lib. nationalist media want to become the Federalist & lead this Nation to Glory~ cnn abc cbs
Of late, been defining our different coalitions as this:
RINO Republicans= Conservative Nationalists
far left liberals= Socialist Nationalists
Moderates= Moderate Nationalists or lost Federalists
Conservative right= Federalists
Federalist is one who supports the Constitution as written, holding State Sovereignty as key to maintaining the Federal Government from growing tyrannically.
We need to unite under a brand and being our Founders were Federalists, so be our Re-Founding.  Those who are of the Federalist character are many.  As Glenn Beck says, "We surround them".  Does that make us a party?  Nope, it makes us a faction to which we are plenty large enough to cater to.  I am also passionate to the name Constitutionalist.
In labeling those we test at the Independence Caucus, would you say that by reaching 70%, you can safely say they are Federalist?  By not choosing the best Federalist, we become a faction.  If only one Federalist in the primary, it is a given.  Don't trap yourself, trap the GOP.  If that fails take it to the Constitution Party.  If we get nationalists from either party, what loss is there to going third Party.  Lincoln did it.  Isn't that so D.C.?

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