December 07, 2009

co2 is only .038% of the atmosphere/Water vapor is largest gas-contributes up to 72% of heating

Louie Stanley
I finally found a site that explained why they think co2 is a global warming gas and why oxygen and nitrogen aren't ,but it also stated what I already knew. That the most common global warming gas is water vapor. Also that co2 is only 0.038 percent of the atmosphere.
These are the gases claimed to cause global warming and the percentage they contribute.
-water vapor, which contributes 36–72%
-carbon dioxide, which contributes 9–26%
-methane, which contributes 4–9%
-ozone, which contributes 3–7%
Now, with the exposure of the fraud of $ Grant bought scientists being found out, maybe we can learn a new appreciation for carbon and it's contribution to life's presence on Earth. 
Drill here, drill now.
George Dunn

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