December 10, 2009

Civil wars/Nelson box full/FilibusterTime on Health Care Bill|Kill the Bill~not the Baby

Will be interesting the world after the Health Care Bill vote.  Great job everyone.  We are making the difference: 
If you don't know, Erick Ericson of has been named Communicator of the Year by Paul Weyrich per Christian Leaders.  Today, Erick came out with both guns blazing against a sudden tide of calling principle over numbers a non winning future.  Erick said quite plainly, that is not so and it is what I have said before, we are in a Civil War within the GOP.
Erick is the teaparty on steroids.  He is Federalist, he is charging forth to win this War.  Let us now stand up to unconstitutional conduct and warn them that we are taking names of anyone who enforces the Global Warming Treaty.  If not passed our sites are on 2010.  Any candidate who is not federalist, 100% for the Constitution, no matter what, shall be defeated.
That said, we have two civil wars afoot.  One in retaking the GOP as Federalists, and two, stopping the NWO (New World Order) which is now out from under the tin foil hat propaganda and into the Light of Truth.  Here are two video links to said subject:
I favorited a YouTube video -- Global Governance - EU President Admits One-World Government is Here NWO...
Western Leaders Poised to Commit Treason(1/5 VID)Any officer caught enforcing GW Treaty will be held.. Tlot beck 912 p2
Also, let us not forget that Chavez has received missiles and now Honduras needs our Patriot missiles for protection.  Who will they turn to with Obama as their enemy?
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The abortion industry is dancing in celebration.

Last night the U.S. Senate voted 54-45 to "table" (block) a bipartisan amendment that would have prohibited taxpayer funds from being used to fund abortion. 

From the start this legislation has posed a dilemma. Do we work hard to oppose government funding for abortion risking the possibility of passing a bad bill?  Or do we oppose the entire effort knowing that we risk watching a bill pass that's even worse -- one with the largest expansion of abortion since Roe v. Wade? 

Well, the Senate just made this decision much easier.

This bill is horrible from head to toe and it's time we tell Congress to scrap this bill and start over.

Millions of citizens from every state and political party have spoken out.  From taxpayer funding for abortion, to threats to privacy and conscience, to the dangerous prospects for the future care for the elderly – Americans are fed up.

In addition to these moral concerns, the big question remains whether some form of massive government imposed insurance plan is even the place to start.  We don't think so.

So what now?

Final approval of this Senate bill – and the entire health care "reform" effort – is still up in the air.

Democrat Ben Nelson has promised that he will filibuster a final vote on the legislation if the bill contains taxpayer funding for abortion.

Pennsylvania Democrat Robert Casey also remains an unknown.  He co-sponsored and voted yesterday in support of the pro-life amendment.  Senator Casey is a Catholic, and must be encouraged to stand strong for life.

Without these votes, Democrats cannot move forward. Senators Casey and Nelson must hear from you. 

Call Senator Nelson at 202-224-6551 and call Senator Casey at 202-224-6324.

Please be polite and courteous, but also be firm. 

Thank them for their leadership on the pro-life amendment, and then tell them we now expect them to OPPOSE the Senate bill.  Tell them 500,000 CatholicVote members, and millions of pro-life Americans are counting on them!

Meanwhile, recall that the House of Representatives has already approved the "Stupak Amendment" in their own health care proposal.  Representative Bart Stupak has also pledged along with 39 other Democrats to block any health care bill that includes funding for abortion.

And remember, any Senate bill, if approved, must be reconciled with the House bill.

Reality Check

The plain fact is that a large number of Democrats are beholden to the abortion lobby. They simply WILL NOT allow any health care bill to move forward without abortion funding included. 

Therefore, our most effective way to scrap this horrible bill and start over is to fight for a ban on abortion funding.

Our Pledge

CatholicVote is working vigorously to block any healthcare legislation that forces taxpayers to fund abortion.  We are working with allied groups and legislative staff in Washington D.C.

But we also remain opposed to this legislation in principle. We oppose any government takeover of healthcare. A government-first approach WILL NOT solve the problems of access and affordability to quality care. A massive new entitlement program is bad for jobs, bad for the poor and uninsured, and will inevitably result in bad care for everyone.

Sadly while Americans are busy preparing to celebrate Christmas, politicians in Washington are working weekends to ram through a hugely unpopular healthcare bill.

But if we can stop this bill and start over, then we can begin the process of real reform that puts people first instead of government and insurance company bureaucrats  -- reform that protects the dignity of the human person in the womb and in their wallets.

Please keep calling and keep praying.

We're not done yet.

-Your CatholicVoteAction Team

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Filibuster Time on Health Care Bill | Kill the Bill~not the Baby.

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