December 05, 2009

Big government can't put young adults to work

Michael Barone

Big government can't put young adults to work

"What have you done for me lately?" It's a question that voters implicitly ask politicians, especially ones they have supported and who are seeking their votes again. And it's a question that young voters in particular may be asking Barack Obama, whom they supported by a 66 percent to 32 percent margin 13 months ago.

It's a question that is obviously on the minds of some thoughtful Democrats. They've noticed that unemployment among the young is well above the national average -- it reached 27.6 percent among those ages 16 to 19 in October.

They've noticed that an increasing number of young people -- about half of those between ages 18 and 24 -- are still living in their parents' homes. They've noticed that entry-level work is scarce, as older workers cling to their jobs.

So they're urging the Obama administration and the Democratic Congress to do something to help young people. But they seem to be having a hard time coming up with solutions that match the scope of the problem....

my comment:
Very good article.  It is a great piece to introduce what will work and it is not government, but is government getting out of the way.  Go to and to to find the truth about how our State and Nation has been scourged of jobs by our production tax structures in Michigan and the USA.  How can we compete with anyone with our taxes, and high taxation to boot, is built into the price of our Michigan Product when imports evade taxation?  How is it that manufacturing flooded out of Michigan and the USA right after free trade was implemented in the 1980's?  Why is it that companies like Baines Capital took advantage of this by buying up struggling companies in a recession and took the contracts overseas to fill the orders and bypass our American taxes? 
Nope, the DPW will not work.  Who would get on the end of a shovel when a backhoe is about digging ditches?  Who would spend our taxes on such foolishness?  It is about as smart as flooding the top of the banking system with funds instead of flooding the small bank accounts with funds into individual mortgages and/IRAs which would end up at the top of the banking system? 
It appears, with our demise from not correcting the tax structure with free trade and this crisis bailout, crime of the century, to hide the Federal Reserve books from BASEL of the international banking community, that we the American people are the biggest dummies on the planet.  We are being punished for being the greatest enterprise this planet has ever known and for what, greed.  Shall we roll up in a ball and say la vie or shall we rise up and do something about it.  Demand Constitutional conduct by the Feds and demand FairTax at the Federal level and in Michigan.  Let's educate the Nation by leading it to the promised land by passing the MIFairTax plan.
George Dunn

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