December 24, 2009

15 States carries much weight*Judge ACORN ruling introduces Inspection of ACORN

At last count, 10 State AGs have stated intent to file on the unconstitutional Health Care Resolution.
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Subject: 15 States

If 15 States REFUSE to Use Obamacare, we can Overturn this Atrocity!!

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At a Republican Central Committee meeting on Tuesday, Idaho State Representative George Eskridge told us that if enough states refuse to participate in an unconstitutional law passed by the federal government, the feds will not have the money or the manpower to implement it. The guess was it only takes 15 states to sabotage an unconstitutional bill. Examples given were the Real ID Act, passed in 2005 and refused by 23 states, and medical marijuana, approved by 15 states and now the feds cannot enforce marijuana laws, and the Brady bill, passed in the early 90s, and refused by local sheriffs to implement, and was subsequently overturned. So.

Call/write/visit your state legislators and urge them to initiate legislation to refuse to implement government takeover of health care. Encourage them as well to initiate legislation that keeps your state's tax dollars in your state unless the federal government starts passing bills that stop the irrational spending spree, and starts handing government back to the people. A good bill to encourage the feds to pass would be the Read The Bills Act (see www.downsizedc. org) Your state legislators are your neighbors... .get to know them! If you participate in practically any community forum on any contentious subject, some of them will be there. If they aren't, vote them out of office.

Third, call your federal legislators and encourage them to question the constitutionality of a bill that favors one state over another - federal courts just threw out a congressional ban on providing tax dollars to support ACORN on the basis that Congress could not single out one organization to cut funds to without legal basis. Wouldn't the same theory apply to the states? Idaho Senator Mike Crapo has initiated such an investigation - he needs support.

Incidentally, the court decision on ACORN has opened the door for Congress to investigate ACORN in order to justify not giving it any more money, which is good, but my question is, where in the Constitution is the permission to hand out tax dollars to any organization for any reason?

Have a Merry Christmas.

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