November 03, 2009

Wow. Are Conservatives taking over the GOP?
Wow. Are Conservatives taking over the GOP?

Wow. Dede Scozzafava withdraws from the race for the congressional seat in New York's 23rd District. Even more surprising: Scozzafava yesterday endorsed the Democratic candidate, Bill Owens!

Washington Examiner reports (citing a Watertown Daily News report) the liberal Republican was lobbied to endorse Owens by Rahm Emanuel and Sen. Charles Schumer. Wow...

...Ok, so what's the right way for conservatives (yes, "Tea-Partyers") to take back the GOP in planning for future elections? I wrote about it a couple of months ago.
Erick Erickson, Managing Editor of, issued a challenge to those Tea Party-ers committed to staying completely absolutely uncommitted to the Republican Party.
We got to the tea parties.
[Now] We have to stick together.

What do you do after the Tea Parties? Let me suggest something….

We need a coup.
I'm not talking about government….
We need a coup of the political parties.

How many of you who went to a tea party then showed up and became a precinct captain at your local political parties?
The inference is… not many. So Erickson talks about his local Republican party, where 2/3 of the precincts are without the critical precinct captain...
My comment:
Taking back the GOP to founding Father mentality is the wise way.  Why build a new barn when all you have to do is clean the one you have?  Also, take down the tent.  We have plenty of room for all the majority known as conservatives in our Barn, the GOP. 
Stay active and keep up the vigil and do not let any Republican get away with being a RINO, Republican In Name Only.  It is principle or die, to acquiesce our principle is to fail anyway.  Look how far we have fallen in the past 66 years.  And by the Way God is not dead, he is Alive~
R. George Dunn
P.S.  Became a precinct delegate in 2008.  The NY23 appointment of DeDe Scozzafava was done by closed door good ole boy politics.  End it and make being a delegate the powerhouse it is again.  Take back the electoral college at the grassroots.

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