November 20, 2009

State of Michigan Fiddling on Titanic ~ Re: Standish Prison

State of Michigan
Fiddling on Titanic
by R. George Dunn
The Michigan Executive Branch went on a hunch that those Terrorists in Gittmo, sitting very comfortable in the Tropics, were coming to Michigan's newest State of the Art Standish Maximum Security Prison.  
This resulted in the State of Michigan leaving a $33,000.00 monthly utility cost needing to be made up by the Standish Community, while having to rent space from other Jails when overpopulated in the Arenac County Jail.  There is a trained staff of Correctional Facility Guards laid off, available for use at the vacant Prison.
Ronald Bouldin is the Former Arenac County MI Sheriff, a resident living Standish MI, the home of the Infamous Standish Maximum Correctional Facility,Prison, sitting in the bottom edge of the largest geographical U.S. Congressional District east of the Mississippi River. 
In speaking to Ronald Bouldin about Arenac County consuming the State Prison and hiring him as the Prison Warden, Ron answered with this:
Sent: Thursday, November 19, 2009 11:31 AM
Subject: Re: Standish Prison

Having the MAX setting there empty is a visual reminder of the total failure of the leadership of the city, county and furthermore their weak position with the our elected Reps in Lansing.  I was on the phone with members of the Board of Commissioner 2 minutes after the official word was released to the public over nine months ago - talking to them about a regional jail and how other states had made this happen.  As a retired Military Officer and former elected official I see the importance of thinking out of the box and standing for something other than ones own self.  I truly believe that if the leadership at all levels could have come together on a plan to remake Standish MAX, then the utilities would be last thing we would be talking about right now.  I would have been honored to have worked with some forward thinking people to better this city and county, but I don't see many around and I'm sad to say that our vote power in Lansing is a dim light in the sea of Neon lighting.
Respectfully Submitted,
Ron Bouldin 

This is a couple follow-up questions you need to ask: 
  • What is the need for a regional prison? 
  • What percent of prisoners are an endangerment to themselves only and not to others?
  • With all the available staffing ready to go, how long would it take to be in operation as an Regional Prison, operating in the black, including the utility obligation covered?
Students are told there's no Scholorship money, yet there is this.  Makes one wonder what else is in that woodpile and how much will be hidden in the former Mayor of Detroit Kilpatrick's ongoing FBI Investigation. 
Standish is looking at a Gift Horse in Ron Bouldin, in the trained Staff, in the Prison and in Standish itself by the State of Michigan not having obligated debt to cover.  Make it so.  Let's go the right colored Green! 
Drill Here and put in those Coal/Natural Gas Power Plants! 
Most of all, protect yourself, Michigan, from the overreaching Federal Government.  Investigate Federal Bank Foreclosures.
R. George Dunn

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