November 28, 2009

Replace income and business taxes with the FairTax - the sales tax

By Bay City Times staff

November 23, 2009, 3:59PM
Voice: R. George Dunn, Alger

What can be done, being as the MI House is set on raising taxes or bust, is change how we tax so we can start lowering taxes. At the same time, we can give us a small increase to keep us at a level amount, with need to cut yet.
• Make all services taxed by sales tax.
• Eliminate sales tax on used products.
• Move the Michigan Business Tax to the sales tax.
• Either repeal Proposal A for education or move all homestead school tax on property to sales tax and make it a voucher system with freedom.
• Put sales tax on food, but offset it for poverty by issuing credit or a check to every Michigan citizen on the poverty wage ceiling, in the amount of sales tax.
• Make Health Savings Accounts/Individual Retirement Accounts a state mandate, not federal.
• Resolve to the U.S. Congress our desire for the National FairTax Plan. 
All this is needed to save us from what is coming with the dollar. We must center on being sovereign and what it will take to survive as a state, a nation of the republic.

As you have witnessed all the benefit those businesses are getting in tax exemptions, it seems only fitting to make it so everyone so we can get jobs, jobs, jobs. By eliminating the MBT and income taxes, the production cost of Michigan Manufacturing will decrease that amount. The more people working the more people spending.

 Cutting out spending on a temporary basis is a must. You can put committees on emergency meetings only and stop them for a few years, like agriculture, DEQ, DNR, all of them.  If I need to know how to can tomatoes, I can find it online.

 I love Michigan. Don't make us have to leave. Act now.

Imagine, if you will, someone suggesting to raise tax on income or business at a time when Michigan is already at the bottom of the employment scale in this Nation, at a time when the last thing we need is for more business to be driven out.  Rest asured, we are already a State that business will not come to, unless of course Lobbyists make it so you don't have a MBT.  But if you add an income tax increase onto the entrepenouirs wanting to set up shop somewhere in America, will they come here to a communist system of graduating taxation on income?  How about all the business without an exemption from the MBT?  Where can they apply? 

Nope, the best way to go is to make Michigan the most business friendly State in the USA by adopting the Michigan FairTax Plan.
For the changing of our Federal tax structure go to:

R. George Dunn

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