November 18, 2009

Here It Comes-Catholic Vote Action Org Brian Burch


Dear Member,

Buckle your seatbelt.

As I write this, Senator Harry Reid is moments away from releasing the Senate's healthcare bill.  And the "Stupak" language prohibiting taxpayer funding for abortion may be scrubbed.

We fought together two weeks ago in the House and scored a temporary victory.  But we could lose everything if we don't put the pressure on again.

Can you chip in $20 right now? Visit

The CatholicVoteAction network includes nearly 500,000 subscribers, and is growing by the day. We can't stop this bill on our own, but our voice will have a giant impact if you do three things:

1)    Call your Senator today and tell them to keep the "Stupak" language in the bill!  Call 202-224-3121 to reach your Senators. Or find their phone numbers at:

2)    Send this message to 5 friends.  500,000 subscribers X 5 Friends = 2.5 million people.

3)    Chip in something.  $5, $20, or $100 will help us with this critical campaign. Donate at:

Make no mistake, every phone call, email, and contact you make is critical.  The Senate is within 2 or 3 votes of moving forward with this legislation.  Unless we act, every taxpayer including you and me may be forced to pay for universal abortion coverage.

Some Catholic groups and leaders have expressed support for the current health care bill as long as abortion funding is removed.  

While we respect their intentions, we strongly oppose a massive government-managed healthcare solution.  And here is why.

As the Catholic Medical Association wrote in September: The legislative proposals now being considered "…empower a small group of unelected government bureaucrats and committees to determine the composition and cost of health insurance policies, the reimbursement of providers, the approval of treatments, etc. We think this government-controlled approach is flawed in principle and ineffective, if not dangerous, in practice."

A government-first approach for everyone promises to dramatically alter the way in which healthcare is provided, regulated, and funded.  Such an approach carries serious risks, including threats to conscience rights (should Catholic doctors be forced to violate their moral and ethical beliefs?), the elderly, privacy, rationing, and more.

But first things first.

We must demand that any proposal that includes abortion funding be vigorously opposed.  This issue is the heart of everything we believe, and central to the current legislative debate. A lot of issues remain, but we need to focus our efforts.

Pro-abortion politicians, Planned Parenthood, and now the White House have promised to protect abortion funding.  But the votes may not be there.  This is why your involvement today is so important.

Please consider chipping in $20 at:

If pro-abortion leaders and the White House stubbornly put abortion funding above reform, this healthcare bill deserves to lose. And it very easily could.  But our Senators need to hear from you, and the courageous Representatives that fought for the Stupak language need to know we are still with them.

Over the next several days, the debate will reignite.  Let's make sure they hear from us.


Brian Burch,

P.S. The future of healthcare is going to come down to a few votes. Your help is critical at this key moment when so much is on the line.

This is our chance to stop phony "reform" that funds abortion.  If you agree, please consider chipping in and help us now at

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