November 09, 2009

Don't expect any climate agreements in Copenhagen

My comment to article below:
George Will put a new twist to being objective, by being subjective from both perspectives.  Well done.
  Let us clear the thoughts up by recognizing how much the sunspot activity shifts our planets temperature.  Let us also reveal that a planet without carbon does not have life.  The more life, the more carbon, thus making life responsible for any planet generated warmth.  Thus if you take away carbon, you are killing life's level of existence.  Also, is there not a theory that Earth is nearing it's extreme wobble position in 2012?
Scrapiron, your right on the mark, bottom line.  With the collapsing of the dollar, continued taxing of USA Domestic production in lew of the consumption tax plan called FairTax, and the Cap & Trade threat, USA will go broke and come to a halt economically.  Those who want to make the world fall under one Government order in which all details of our lives are micro-managed are doing whatever they can right now to bring about this change immediately, after over a hundred years of planning and manipulating.  Recent evidence of this is when the Power in Washington tried to bribe the Democrats to vote for the first 2008 bailout by offering them 20 billion for ACORN, knowing full well their corrupt practice of Democrat bias.
We are not even needing to attend the December 7 Climate Summit.  It reminds one of how the USA was attacked that same day in 1941, only this time by envious nations around the world looking to end American enterprise.  My answer to that, it is time to drill our own oil and balance the planet's weight of oil excretions and find ways to recycle energy matter, using green technology as it becomes fiscally feasible.
We need to refound our States Sovereignty by insisting the Federal Government return to Constitutional power limits.  Any treaty agreed to by the Federal Government must be within the boundary of the Constitutional Freedoms of we the people and our States.
R. George Dunn

Don't expect any climate agreements in Copenhagen

Washington Post

Nov. 7, 2009, 5:26PM

Intelligent people agree that, absent immediate radical action regarding global warming, the human race is sunk. That is a tautology because those who do not agree are, definitionally, unintelligent. Britain's intelligent Prime Minister Gordon Brown gives scary precision to the word "immediate." By his reckoning, humanity now has about 30 days to save itself. He says that unless a decisive agreement is reached at the 192-nation summit on climate change that opens Dec. 7 in Copenhagen, all is lost.

So, all is lost. The chances of a comprehensive and binding treaty are approximately nil.

The fourth of five parlays preparing for Copenhagen occurred in Bangkok from Sept. 28 through Oct. 9, with delegates from about 180 nations participating. Remember diplomat George Kennan's axiom that the unlikelihood of reaching an agreement is the square of the number of parties at the table? The meeting adjourned with, as usual, essentially no progress toward an agreement on reduced emissions by developed nations or on the money such nations should pay to finance developing nations' efforts against global warming.

The New York Times reports that "the United Nations Adaptation Fund, which officially began operating in 2008 to help poor countries finance projects to blunt the effects of global warming, remains an empty shell, largely because rich nations have failed to come through with the donations they promised." The fund has a risible $18 million, which might not cover the cost of the Copenhagen conference....


In their new book, SuperFreakonomics, Steven D. Levitt, a University of Chicago economist, and Stephen J. Dubner, a journalist, worry about global warming but revive some inconvenient memories of 30 years ago. Then intelligent people agreed (see above) that global cooling threatened human survival. It had, Newsweek reported, "taken the planet about a sixth of the way toward the Ice Age average." Some scientists proposed radical measures to cause global warming — for example, covering the arctic ice cap with black soot that would absorb heat and cause melting.

Although the political and media drumbeat of alarm is incessant, a Pew poll shows that only 57 percent of Americans think there is solid evidence of global warming, down 20 points in three years. Gallup shows that only 1 percent of Americans rank the environment as their biggest worry. Two reasons are: They are worried about their wages, which will not be improved by clobbering a weak economy with the costs of a cap-and-trade carbon-reduction regime. And climate Cassandras are learning the wages of crying "Wolf!"

In 2005, global warming worriers warned, as they tend to do after all adverse or anomalous environmental events, that Hurricane Katrina was caused by global warming and foreshadowed an increase in the number and destructiveness of hurricanes. As this year's Atlantic hurricane season ends, only three hurricanes have formed — half the average of the last 50 years — and none had hit the United States.

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