November 30, 2009

Climate Gate & Copenhagen Threat-As of Nov 25-| will end USA Constitution

As Guy Holland says below, it will only take a simple majority to pass this Obama signature to the Global Warming Treaty through Congress.  It is also known that any treaty agreed to must adhere to the Constitution.  Problem is, our Federal Government has not adhered to the Constitution for many years and the American people, even when known sit in apathy as their liberties and freedom dwindle away.  We either stand up now and make the conduct of our Federal Government Constitutional or say goodbye to the greatest Republic on God's planet Earth to ever exist and odds are will ever exist.  It is our choice, be patriotic and vote for only Constitutional Conservatives. 
Go to Independence Caucus and force your representatives to take the vetting questionnaire.  If they refuse, get someone, anyone who can pass it to run for Congress and get them elected in 2010.
Below is a very detailed coverage of the Climategate that is unfolding from the UN.  Let us stop these dictators form conquering the USA from within with the aid and comfort of the Democrat party.  Find unity with any group who supports the Constitution and work out the finer details another day.  Save our Republic now from the final killing blow to our Constitution.
R. George Dunn
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As Monckton says, this is the 59th second of the 59th minute of the 11th hour to preserve our liberties. With Climategate we now have the amunition to stop Obama signing this global travesty. Once he signs it, a simple majority in both Houses can ram it through here.
Four minutes here encapsulates it:

The document is "FCCC/AWGLCA/2009/INF.2"; Notes 36, 37 & 38, pages 18 & 19, are particularly revealing. )

This document is the "revised negotiating text" for the draft treaty prepared by facilitators of the Conference of the Parties (Bonn, GE, August 2009), aka, Ad Hoc Working Group on Long Term Cooperative Action under the Convention. As is, it will give an unelected world government direct power over all financial and trading markets, as well as power over all elected governments of the nations that sign the treaty. The proposed new supranational bureaucratic entity will also have the power to require wealthier nations to redistribute up to 2% of their annual gross domestic product to third-world countries in "reparation" for a "climate debt" now refuted by more than 31,000 scientists–as opposed to the 2,500 who have already benefited monetarily from grants in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and who will be one of a limited number of people left on the planet to thrive if this scam goes through. Needless-to-say, Banksters and Al Gore will fare even better.

Australian radio interview: PM Mudd running away from Global Warming promises! and being very secretive.
Details by Lord Monckton on this show.
The Copenhagen treaty in Dec 2009 will create a World Government, taking away democracies; in 200 pages of the draft treaty, there's no democracy, elections, or anything. The science behind global warming has collapsed - only 1/6 of the warming the UN thought (Richard Lindom, MIT, brilliant scientist, showed radiation gets out just as it aways did - doesn't stay down in atmosphere to heat the earth. Therefore, the climate change is just a scam, there is no longer a climate problem.
Treaty includes references to world government, and hands over power directly to intervene in economic, tax, environmental affairs of signing countries. Can go over the heads of any elected government. Complex UN verbiage! New World Gvt will take  control of free markets - trade, financial. Enormous scope and powers, sensitive areas, particularly economic. Signatories cannot resign from this agreement, unless all signatories agree. Unlike the UN, where provisions for leaving exist. The draft has been through several rounds - no alarms raised. Kevin Rudd doesn't even admit the  treaty exists - very wicked game. How you run your economy; what car fuels; how many cars! and  complete control over all economic management. Serious stuff - intl treaties  stand alongside the Constitution but take precedence. Once signed, it takes precedence, and without an exist clause, there's no retiring from it. 
Monckton said at StPaul - time to rise up and stop the signing at 11th hour! He's seeing the message get out in US and CAN, and  in Australia now. Putting together an instrument of repudiation for all representatives of democracies to disallow this treaty when they get into  power.
Joe Boylan said,
on November 8th, 2009 at 5:02 pm
This is for Heather and anyone else having problems with the links. Here is the radio interview:
Here is the 4 minute interview:
and here is the full 95 minute speech in St Pauls Minnesota:
Before you start the video during the introduction you will be given a "Power-point" button to download the pdf file with the charts and graphs Lord Monckton uses to illustrate his points. They are 'for the common man' and not complicated to follow.
UN.  Let us stop these dictators form conqueoring the USA from within with the aid and comfort of the Democrat party.  Find unity with any group who supports the Constitution and work out the finer details another day.  Save our Republic now from the final killing blow to our Constitution.

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