October 19, 2009

Why FairTax is needed

The following is an response to this Blogg 
Regardless of how taxed, Government will always want.  The control of it is in how we are taxed.  Our current system is one based on Socialist principle of equal taxation.  However, time has produced a system of backpocket wealth creating, making for Lobbyist running Washington by buying votes.  Current system also has another catastrophe unfolding.  When we opened our borders to trade, parent companies in the USA moved production overseas to bypass our current tax structure thus making foreign production up to 40% cheaper. 
Under FairTax, the distribution of our Federal Tax burden would shift from American Business to both American and Foreign goods, thus equating into massive job creation, at a time in history where such stability is needed in the USA. 
We have by our free enterprise managed to become the once wealthiest Nation in the World.  That Spirit is about to be neutered by our current Fiscal Structure.
As to being on a computer bank for receiving a safety net foundation providing the same level of currency to every American, if you are an Citizen, you already are.  If you are not, you are trespassing and don't get a check.  Rich or poor, every Citizen will get a check of the taxable amount at maximum poverty wage.

The FairTax is the fiscal answer to our current dilemma.  The other is to end Fraud at the highest level down.  Bounty anyone?

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