September 06, 2009

MI sets home loan ceiling at 39%, not 25% as in the 60's***Jobs are needed NOW!!!

The Michigan Government has decided that Mortgages of those who are in trouble be modified to 39% of gross income.  The level of loan qualification in the 1960's was 25%.  The tax of the mortgage interest rate is too high and in order for those who are working to keep up with inflation we will need the cash flow of 25% ceiling for home income house payments.
Also, in order to survive the coming inflation, we will need work and by making imports and domestic products equal in federal taxation, American products cost will drop 22% and foreign imports will share a consumption tax above poverty ceiling at 23%.
Great crisis requires great moves.  You don't cure a wound like you do a scratch.  Set homestead cost at sustainable level of 25% income and Enact the FairTax plan at both Federal and State level.

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