July 19, 2009

Ron Paul picks on Sarah Palin

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American Thinker

Ron Paul attacks Sarah Palin as 'country club' Republican

By Thomas Lifson
What to make of Ron Paul? The word erratic comes to mind. On domestic spending, he is a righteous guardian of small government, while on foreign affairs he is a dangerous isolationist who believes the world will leave us alone if we just tend to our own knitting. And as far as Sarah Palin and her supporters go, he is a space cadet, apparently. An interview with Politico published today contains this startling assertion from Paul:As for soon-to-be departing Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Paul dismisses her supporters as "more establishment, conventional Country-Club type of... (Read Full Article)
my comment:
Unless I am missing something about Sarah, what Doctor Paul is doing here is stirring it up.  He wants us to see Sarah come swinging for the fence, roaring like a mighty tigress.  We shall see a coming together of the blue collar conservatives would be one way to call it, I call it being part of the Quest to bring this Nation back to it's roots of Freedom and Liberty.  First order of business, change the tax structure from an excise tax on our own production to one of equal fairness with imports sharing the same load.  FairTax Please!!!  www.fairtax.org
R. George Dunn

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  1. Ron Paul made an interesting move here. It is not difficult for me to see that Sarah Palin has no -immediate- goal to run for president. (No I am not saying she may not in the future... just not 2012) She had much more support to garner, and money to make prior to attempting this. The main benefit here is that Sarah Palin is a political diving board. She had the ability, and support, to make or break a Conservative candidate.

    With Ron Paul's push for limited (government) size and fiscal spending he has a lot to gain by supporting Sarah Palin and getting that support returned rather than making an enemy of her and her supporters.

    I might add that this article only really had a tidbit on Palin nor was that meant to be the focus point that it has turned into across the blogosphere. I believe Ron Paul, at this point, is more benefited by understanding that they are never going to be elected and that those like himself and Palin have a rather nice slice of the voting public's pie and could actually shift this country and help get the right person for the job elected.

    This is the first post on this blog I have read, I located it from a comment on my own blog, and I intend to read some more viewpoints by Mr. Dunn to assist with getting another [Morally Right, yet different] perspective on the same basic beliefs that I have. This is not my blog so I won't write an entire article here, however I will toss my support in on Fair Tax. http://www.fairtax.org

    –Chris Graham – Just another American


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