July 18, 2009

The Quest - Uniting Palin, Huckabee, Paul, 9/12

The beltway is not sure what to do with the rug being pulled out form under them.  What Sarah Palin is standing up for by taking on this mission of saving the USA from the elite is the Quest of most of the GOP and of the Libertarians, Constitutionalists, and I am sure many grassroots in the Democrat party now.
This Quest is the same that Gov. Huckabee campaigned on and nearly won in 2008 and still is.  Remember Mike stating, "It is not for Wall street I am campaigning, it is for Main Street!"
Whatever the 1012 primary may produce, let it be then.  Now it is time to do the hard battle and stop this communist takeover by the Leftists.  Let us unite as one as we march forward, centered on getting like minded grassroots conservative elected, those with the mindset of our Founding Father who believed in State Sovereignty and a very limited Federal Government.
Get the Federal Government out of the socialism business.  Take what we have now such as Social Security Medicare, and move it to the Board of Governors as a voluntary program for each State to adopt.  We must get the Sheriff out of the treasury of we the people.
Note that our fiscal ailment was and is enhanced by the Government actions, but there is one fact that has caused this disaster.  It is our tax structure.  When President Reagan gave us the Free Trade Policy, we did not bother to change our tax structure.  We built our tax system on using the bookkeeping of business and thus put the Federal Taxes on production, making it an excise tax.  When we opened the borders, people like Romney took their corporations overseas to avoid the high taxes of the USA.  They are now overseas with our jobs and refuse to admit it. 
The plan in place, created by the most intelligent people in America 20 years ago, is the FairTax plan.  It changes our Federal Tax structure to removing the tax built into the cost of our product, 23% and then taxing foreign imports equally at 23%.  The grand part is no more taxes from paychecks, you get gross pay, including SS, Medicare, etc.  Fair Tax is also an indirect tax.  If you cannot afford new product you don't have to pay any tax.  Also, the amount of the ceiling of the poverty wage is returned to every legal American, Rich, poor, Working or not working.
Fiscally, the FairTax plan is the one cause of the Quest that we must unify on now.  It must be in place by January First for it be in place for 2010.  We do not have one more year to wait.
God Bless Sarah Palin for doing what she is doing.  God Bless Mike Huckabee for doing what he is doing.  There are many that are part of the Quest.  Allen Keyes has taken a lot of flack and has been front and center on pushing for what we hold as the True Path for America.  Ron Paul has been so right on most everything and in the Washington DC Beltway Shadows face so strongly, it was not until all he said will did and is happening that he has started gaining the respect he much desires. 
Let us not fight over the small stuff or over who is the biggest and best.  Let's git ur done!  By the way, no more big government RINOs.(Republicans in name only)


  1. I totally agree. WE must stop this govt takeover of our lives known as socialism, or even communism. I think Palin is making an excellent choice, by stepping down, and doing what is right for both Alaska and the America. I honestly don't know alot about Ron Paul, other than he's pro-life and against the wars. I would definitely like to see a 2012 ticket with Palin and Huckabee on it. They really know how to fight for people on mainstreet. Your right, NO more RINOS, and kick out the ones in office now.

  2. Hello~ We are Trying to Unite All Groups and People in an Entire Conservative Nation.
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