July 26, 2009

Honduras suffers from Obama being lost to Truth or is it something else?

Obama: Wrong on Harvard,Honduras

Written by
Rudi Stettner

Does anyone remember back in 1971 during the Charles Manson trial? Charles Manson was on trial for the murder of Sharon Tate and seven other people. It was a case that captivated the nation. Richard Nixon, who was President at that time declared to reporters that Charles Manson was"guilty, directly or indirectly of eight murders." The country was in an uproar. For a sitting President to comment in front of a live microphone on a a case being tried was roundly condemned not only by pundits but by anyone with any legal expertise at all. ...

...While it is true that the officer was in Professor Henry Louis Gates' home, ascertaining the full facts was made very difficult due to the lack of cooperation from Professor Gates. Although the Boston Globe has scrubbed its original article, the police report is available here.


It seems that the arrest was indeed warranted. Unfortunately, Harvard University political clout , political expediency and a get out of jail free race card voided an arrest that was amply justified. At least Officer Crowley's superiors are standing behind him.

Professor Gates has indeed educated the public. He has shown the nation the low esteem in which our President holds law enforcement. The President of the United States has a lot of influence and an ability to command the attention of a nation and indeed the world. This carries with it major responsibility. As a lawyer, Barack Obama should be familiar with this.

Obama fell into the same trap as Nixon did, of running his mouth about a matter that is working its way through the courts.

The shrinking esteem in which Obama is held will probably limit the damage his ill considered remarks have had. Unfortunately, Mr. Obama has a place on the world stage as well. Manuel Zelaya, who was constitutionally removed from office under Honduran law enjoyed the benefits of Obama's ill advised support as he shamelessly clung to the doorknob of the Presidential palace. Had he spoken in favour of a rightist, the press would have condemned Obama as a Yankee imperialist. It seems that both Obama and Yankee imperialism are now in fashion among the Euro trash and the ditzerati.

We are likely to hear a lot more from Obama and his teleprompter during his period of on the job training. Hopefully nothing terrible will happen. The prospect of elder statesman Joe Biden offering his wisdom is not a heartening one. ...


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