July 02, 2009

Here is the Grand Slam to save Michigan

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nolan Finley

Engler: Mich. should swing for the fences

If you buy the Democratic libel that a rapacious John Engler laid waste to Michigan, you probably should stop reading right here. The rest of this column is only going to make you cranky, and who needs that on a rainy summer day?

I'm a big Engler fan and have thought often during the past six-and-a-half years that Michigan wouldn't be drifting through this crisis if it still had a governor with his my-way-or-the-highway style of leadership.

I talked with the former governor when he returned to Detroit recently, not to critique the performance of the state since he left -- he won't do that -- but to get his ideas for what we should do next.

His response: Michigan needs a big play -- one headline grabber to scream real change....


my coment:

Here is the Grand Slam to save Michigan
In place ready to go is a plan that would be a magnet to bring back our Michigan Economy immediately.  Jobs are what we need and a change to the tax structure that has chased both business and Citizens away from Michigan. 
The Michigan FairTax Plan is ready to do the job of bringing back Michigan from the brink.  And folks, no doubt we are at the brink.  We are facing 70% inflation this year based on what we know and the Federal Reserve has not revealed everything yet?  Our Federal deficit is going to double.  Inflation is coming like a freight train.  We need to do as Former Gov. Ingler said.  We need a huge change in our Government and the way we do it's business.
Even with the MI FairTax fix, we still need to cut everything not necessary to sustain our people.  The MI Gov. Bureaucracy has how many committees that cost a lot of money.  In every budget is waste in more then survival mode.  The Administration of the DNR & DEQ can be shut down for a few years leaving the field workers working under the control of County Commissioners.  That is but one example of thousands there are.
To really fix Michigan, help force the Federal Government to give-up their Lobbyist Regime by changing the excise production tax structure we are under to the Fair Tax Plan that will make manufacturing with foreign imports equal and will flood back to the USA jobs galore.  This mess we are in is not going to go away unless we do get a grand slam.  To accept any less will cause us to lose the game, lose America as we know it.  The Constitution needs Respect NOW!
R. George Dunn

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