July 23, 2009

Health Care Fairy Tale

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July 23, 2009 - 04:27 PM

Health Care Fairy Tale

On Wednesday, President Obama held a news conference, which was designed to enlist public support for his universal healthcare plan. I think it is pretty safe to say that the President's remarks created more questions than he answered.

There isn't any question that there is a disconnect between the President and the American people on the issue of health care. Most Americans do not want government controlled health care. They do want lower costs.

Like most Americans, I find myself asking again and again, why the rush to adopt a national health care plan that will consume 1/6 of our federal budget? Isn't this an important issue that we should take our time on, debate fully all of the proposals being floated, and make sure that everyone, including our legislators, has a chance to read the bill?

The Obama Administration continues to say that the issue has been debated for years. That may or may not be true, but what is true is that the bills being proposed on Capitol Hill have not been debated!!! In fact, no one seems to know what is in them

The President cites as a reason for quick action, rising costs of health care. Yet even the Congressional Budget Office says the plans being offered will not decrease costs, and in fact, will increase them. Seems like a good time to get our figures straight before we try to pass any legislation...
my comment:
Time is our friend here.  Any attempt to push Health Care through by the House rules will be an affront to We the People.
Constitutionally, the control of Healthcare by the Federal Government is limited.  It cannot become as Medicare is.
The Feds can however unify the States by providing the framework for private of State system to impede the undue costs within Health care.  They can end lawsuits; make mandatory HSA/IRA for anyone under age of 50 (eventually replacing Social Security);
Socially, there is not any permission by the Constitution to allow Federal Health Care.  However, States can delve into it if their Constitution allows it.  It would behoove us to center on States converting their Health care for the disadvantaged to the HSA/IRA plans.
Details are what needs cleaned up.  The placing records online can be an invasion of privacy, but so is today's world.  Make data private property and streamline healthcare, stopping duplicate services and providing greater care.
We need to divest ourselves of Federal Social programs, not add to them.  The first settlers tried the commune approach of equal distribution and they nearly starved to death due to slackers not providing their fair share.  Don't end the American dream by doing the same here, ending the ability to get ahead.

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