July 17, 2009

Gallop says What, Romney? What's that sound like ....

A Gallop Poll is out that counters other polls in the popularity of Romney among the GOP over Gov. Huckabee and Gov. Palin.  I am thinking something is afoot.  Fox News was a big support for big government Republicans in the Primary.  Ask Sean Hannity.
I write this blog in reluctance, as 2012 is a long way off, but if we do not counter these DC Elitists at every effort, we lose ground.  We need to move back to the Constitution.
Gov. Romney knows full well his past is still his future, he hopes. Corporate America has fleeced the USA of jobs to avoid the production tax in America by creating import companies. Check out Bain Capital International, who was farming industry in China during the primary. UAW Union members have a distain for MItt. They are full aware of what made Mr. Romney's fortune.

Before the primary, in 2005, the RNC began their crusade of anointing Romney to be President. Now they are centering on Pawlenty. The power in DC is for big business, big government, with the federal Government controlling everything. Watch how the dance goes in Congress. We have had our last of the RINO Elitists and cannot afford that road anymore America.

R. George Dunn

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