July 30, 2009

Friday deadline to vote Boortz into National Radio Hall of Fame

Please vote on putting Boortz into the Hall of Fame.

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Dear FairTax supporter,

Midnight on Friday is the deadline to vote Neal Boortz into the National Radio Hall of Fame. If you haven't already done so, would you take a moment now to make your voice heard for Neal, who's consistently raised his voice for the FairTax cause?

As I mentioned earlier, many of us first learned about the FairTax listening to nationally-syndicated talk show host Neal Boortz or by reading one of the best-selling books that he and Congressman John Linder wrote. Neal has done as much as anyone in the country for the FairTax and he's been good at it. He's also appeared at almost every big FairTax rally for the last ten years.

Neal has long dreamed of a place in the National Radio Hall of Fame. You can help him fulfill this dream by going to https://nrhof.votenet.com/nrhof/register/ to vote right now. You'll find Neal's name on the second page of the ballot.

I like Neal and I'd like to see him in the National Radio Hall of Fame. Would you take a moment to make your voice heard too?


Ken Hoagland
National Communications Director

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