June 16, 2009

Global Warming/Cooling not CO2 related, but is to Star Dust

The article below explains how global climate change is not related to CO2, which is the life substance to planetary life.  Research is pointing to the amount of sunspots having effect on our outer atmosphere which causes more or less clouds to form in our lower atmosphere which either blocks or lets the heat of the sun reach the planet.
Carbon is our friend, not our enemy.  Those who continue to push a carbon cap and trade policy are not our friend, they are our enemy.
R. George Dunn
Trouble on the Horizon for Wheat


James Anderson 

Jun 16, 2009 8:35 am

...This project is known as CLOUD (Cosmics Leaving Outdoor Droplets), which is designed to investigate the possible influence of galactic cosmic particles on Earth's clouds and climate. The CLOUD experiment is based on the original research of a Danish Physicist named Hedrick Svensmark.
Svensmark and his colleagues published a paper in 2006 that described the results of an experiment that duplicated the conditions of the lower atmosphere when the upper atmosphere was bombarded with particles.
They discovered that certain particles from cosmic particle collisions higher in the atmosphere travel to the lower atmosphere and release electrons that catalyze the formation of cloud condensation nuclei. Water vapor molecules coalesce on these nuclei to start a cloud droplet. Thus, more cosmic particles increase cloud formation, which has a cooling effect on the Earth.

If cosmic particles control variations in clouds, what does this have to do with sunspots? That answer is fairly straight forward. When the sun is active, meaning that there are lots of sunspots, the eruption of charged particles increases the strength of the sun's
magnetic field. Since cosmic particles are charged particles, they are deflected by the stronger magnetic field AWAY from the Earth.
Thus, more sunspots cause fewer particles get to Earth, fewer clouds are formed, and the Earth warms up. With fewer sunspots more cosmic particles reach Earth, producing more clouds and the Earth cools. Simple, elegant, not manmade, doesn't involve CO2 in any way, and it makes Al Gore sad; talk about a winning theory!...
CLOUD – Cosmics Leaving Outdoor Droplets
Carbon is our friend,  not our enemy.  Those who continue to push a carbon cap and trade policy are not our friend, they are our enemy.

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