June 21, 2009

''Affordable Health Choices Act'' will end freedom

''Affordable Health Choices Act''   http://is.gd/18xbE

The above link is the draft of the Obama Health Care plan.  Below is RNC Communications Officer Todd Herman's points of interest of the Act:

1.Draft of gov. health care takeover Bill: 5 years after Bill passes, all insurance plans must copy Obamacare 100% = end of private insurance
2.  Obamacare, page 18 the issuer cannot vary in an individual market policy by any factor other than area (as defined by the Commissioner).
3.  ... read: price controls, no ability to charge rates according to one's health, eating habits or the like = end of private insurance.
4.  Page 19, Obamacare draft: health plans that do not "offer" Obamacare r out of business, bye/bye. I am not a lawyer but, I can read English.
5.  Obamacare draft page 19, "private" insurance companies cannot reject people for health-status reasons = end of private insurance.
6.  20 pages into draft Obamacare Bill: NO Private Insurance will exist if this passes. Government dominates every detail of business. read it.
7.  Obamacare draft, pg 24: qualifying plans (those still allowed to live), may not cap lifetime benefits: will kill private plan cost structure
8.  Your doctor, you choice? Not unless we stop this: http://is.gd/18xbE read the Bill, your representative probably won't.
Euthanasia coming to Town
Euthanasia coming to Town


  1. You are right!!! Obama's health care plan will end freedom for citizens. His plan will put every private insurance company out of business. We must stop this big step towards socialism. At least the GOP is working on an alternative-hoping its a good one. If Obama's health care plan is passed this will lead the U.S. down a very dark, dangerous path.

  2. The GOP moderates have put one forth that is a one step compared to the two feet plunge of the Liberals, but it is still big government crawling over us to surender slowly.


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