May 16, 2009

Joe~ Help! Only 9 days left

From Joe the Plumber
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Subject: Help! Only 9 days left

There are just 9 days left until we officially launch the "Defeat Harry Reid" campaign in Nevada and protest Barack Obama and Harry Reid's joint appearance in Las Vegas.

We have just 10 days to organize our big protest of Reid/Obama in Las Vegas on May 26th, so if you or anyone you know lives in southern Nevada then please help us spread the word about this protest - CLICK HERE for MORE INFORMATION.

But there are just 9 days left before we start running our "Defeat Harry Reid" TV ads all throughout Nevada.  Friends, we've got to flood the airwaves with our campaign ads.   We have to literally make such a big impression that every voter in Nevada hears our message over and over.  We're going to force Reid to answer for his record.  Right now he's trying to ignore his critics, but with your help we're going to keep the heat on.

We set a goal the other day to raise $25,000 in 72 hours.  We still need to raise an additional $14,310 to reach that goal.  Help us reach this goal by making a contribution to "Defeat Harry Reid" - HERE.


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