May 29, 2009

Craig T. Nelson on not paying income tax

VIDEO: Craig T. Nelson- Glenn Beck Tax Rant

The Huffington Post   |  Ryan McCarthy
First Posted: 05-29-09 10:08 AM   |   Updated: 05-29-09 11:16 AM

As the Huffington Post's Jason Linkins pointed out, Actor Craig T. Nelson, perhaps best known his role in the TV series Coach, appeared on the Glenn Beck show last night and unleashed an impassioned rant against taxes. Railing against -- what appeared to be -- the entire idea of government in general, Nelson told Beck he is "really thinking about" not paying any income taxes.

Nelson went on to refer to himself as "a fiscally responsible grandfather" and said he's being roped into paying for government programs he doesn't believe in. "I've been on welfare and food stamps...did anyone help me?" Nelson said, perhaps not realizing that welfare and food stamps are actually forms of government aid....

Watch the video here:

My comment:

Mentioned at work today how I heard Coach, Craig T. Nelson say on Glenn Beck that he is thinking about not paying his income tax anymore.  They all agreed to his reasoning. 
I stated that I was going to claim forty dependents on a W-4 form. 
One co-worker yelled, "they will red flag you!"
  I said, " nawh, ACORN had came by doing my census.  I told them I was a Democrat, so they said they are reporting I have 40 people living at my house!"

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